What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Dehbid stone?

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Characteristics of Dehbid stone

Dehbid stone is from the family of marble stones which is very high quality. Its naming is taken from the region where this type of stone exists, which is Dehbid, a region in Fars province. Dehbid is also used in many European countries and the Persian Gulf countries. Dehbid stone is one of the stones that is used as an export stone due to its advantages. There are different types of Dehbid stone, which include Shayan, Asl, Zare, Hasnabad, Marghi Chah, Samin, and Angork.

What are the benefits of using Dehbid stone?

Dehbid stone has a very high resistance to cracking and its resistance to fragility is very high.

The water absorption of this stone is very low, so it has the advantage of being used as a toilet stone. Due to its low water absorption, this stone is also used in humid environments. The low water absorption property increases the life of the rock. In general, building stone should not absorb a lot of water, because it causes it to disintegrate.

Dehbid stone has very low porosity, so detergents and chemicals do not penetrate into it and it is easily washed and prevented from being damaged. The degree of porosity is one of the technical characteristics of the stone, which is considered as an advantage due to the place where the stone is used. It should be added that rocks with low porosity are suitable for cold regions because they are resistant to frost and wind.

High strength of Dehbid stone is another advantage of this stone because it protects the stone against abrasion during traffic and high strength has the advantage of sanding.

The ideal color variety and beauty of Dehbid stone is an advantage that cannot be ignored, this stone has various colors with light and dark spectrum in various designs to suit every taste. The transparency of this stone brings the advantage of using natural light with its reflection.

The use of Dehbid stone is recommended for the interior of the building and makes the interior very beautiful and it can be used in almost any part of the house.

What are the disadvantages of using Dehbid stone?

Dehbid stone also has disadvantages that cannot be ignored.

One of the disadvantages of this stone is that it is not suitable for the facade of the building, the reasons for which are stated below:

  • This stone has a lot of weight due to its high density
  • Dehbid stone is more expensive than other facade stones
  • Marble stones, one of which is Dehbid, change color in the sun
  • This type of stone increases the weight of the structure

Dehbid rock is not resistant to weathering due to its characteristics and it is weathered in the outdoor space and its calcareous parts are destroyed and cracked and eaten gradually.

Dehbid stone has a higher price than other stones, which can be considered as its disadvantages because the high price increases costs and restricts its use.


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