The best use of Abbas abad travertine stone

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What is travertine and what are its types?

Travertine is one of the sedimentary rocks that is formed from the sediments of hot springs. This stone has a beautiful and varied appearance. This stone is extracted from mountains, riverbeds and caves and is used in the construction, construction, sculpture and some artifacts industries. The main constituents of this stone contain calcium and iron plays a key role in creating it. This stone is semi-transparent and crystalline and has a high density and its transparent and shiny travertine stones are very rare. Travertine is found in white, chocolate, cream, red, lemon and yellow. Due to the resistance of this stone to weather conditions and acid rain, travertine is the most used stone in the facade of the building. Abbasabad, Hajiabad, Darreh Bukhari, Abgarm, Takab and Atash Kooh travertine stones are some of the types of travertine stones. The quality of travertine depends on the extracted mine and how it is processed, and so on.

What is Abbas abad travertine stone?

Abbasabad travertine stone is one of the types of travertine stone that is very common in Iran and has many applications. Abbasabad travertine stone is available in opposite colors. It is mostly sent to the market with bright tones in different varieties. The types of this stone are classified as wavy and without wave according to its whiteness and wave design. Abbasabad travertine mine is located in Mahallat city of Nimour city in Markazi province. Abbasabad travertine stone is produced in different types such as grinders, brushes, sand blasts, leather and recently also in the form of slabs.

What is the classification of Abbasabad travertine stone?

Abbasabad travertine is classified as corrugated and undulating according to color and wave design as follows:

  • Abbasabad travertine match wave
  • Abbasabad travertine cow ribs
  • Abbasabad travertine cloud and wind
  • Abbasabad travertine needle

Pricing according to the type of cutting of Abbasabad travertine stone is that the more polished this stone is and has more regular waves and less red and black sheets, the better and more expensive the stone will be and the brighter and less halo stones will be of better quality. are.

What are the characteristics of Abbasabad travertine stone?

Among the characteristics of Abbasabad travertine stone, the following can be mentioned:

  • High subsalability
  • Polishing
  • Less porosity than other travertines
  • High strength and hardness
  • Beautiful and unique colors
  • High adhesion to cement mortar
  • Low weight
  • Easy to clean

What is the use of Abbasabad travertine stone?

Abbasabad travertine stone has the most use in the facade of the building due to the proposed features and having all the properties that a stone should have for the facade; But Abbasabad travertine stone is also used in artifacts and other parts of the building, including fences, barbecues, stone sculptures, fireplaces, various types of stone vases, etc. Abbasabad travertine stone is used in interior walls such as parking lot walls, stairs, lobbies, corridors and courtyards. This stone can be used as a decoration alone or in combination with other materials. Wall covering of the commercial unit The wall covering is another case of using this stone. Abbasabad travertine stone is one of the stones that is suitable for covering columns and Roman and classical facades. This stone is also used for flooring in a few cases.


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