10 July, 2021
سنگ معرق سنگ کف|mosaic stone

Using mosaic stone to beautify the floor of the hall

The art of mosaic work and mosaic stone Mosaic in the word means patch, piece and vein. Any […]
28 June, 2021
سنگ طرح چوب|wood design stones

Familiarity with wood design stones and its use

since humans set foot on the planet, wood has been the first vital material for building basic tools […]
14 June, 2021
بهترین سنگ نما ساختمان|best facade stone

What is the best facade stone and what are its characteristics?

One of the main parts of the building is the exterior facade. The facade of the building is […]
17 February, 2021
آشنایی با سنگ مرمریت مشکی|black marble

Familiarity with different types of black marble

Marble stone Today, compared to previous years, natural stones have become one of the main elements in the […]
13 February, 2021
انواع سنگ فورمچ و کاربرد آن|types and applications of formatch slab stone

Familiarity with the types and applications of formatch slab stone

Formatch slabs The general design of formwork is such that the four slab stone designs must be related […]
25 January, 2021
سنگ اسلب فورمچ و بوک مچ|Stone slabs for bookmatch and formatch

What are formatch and bookmatch slab stone?

Stone slabs for bookmatch and formatch Bookmatch Slab Stones are the placement of two slab stones symmetrically, and […]
5 January, 2021
آشنایی با سنگ تایل|Familiarity with tile stone

Familiarity with tile stone and the difference with slab stone

There is only one building material that has stood the test of time, from humanity’s primitive beginnings to […]
21 December, 2020
سنگ کف پارکینگ|the best parking floor stones

What are the best parking floor stones and what are their characteristics?

parking floor stone Tiles play a decisive role in determining the overall aesthetics and functionality of your parking […]
15 December, 2020
سنگ دیوار اسلب|slab home wall stone

What slabs should we use for home wall stone ?

Slab stone The special place of natural stone in interior design is indisputable today. Even minimalist decor that […]
5 December, 2020
تفاوت سنگ مرمریت و سنگ مرمر|differences between marble and onyx

What are the differences between marble and onyx?

Natural stone stones divided into three parts : sedimentary . igneous and metamorphic rocks. Onyx is metamorphic rock […]
25 November, 2020
انواع سنگ مرمر و کاربرد آن در ساختمان|Familiarity with different types of Onyx

Familiarity with different types of Onyx and its application in buildings

Onyx There is no artist greater than our very own Earth for the sheer variety of materials and […]
14 November, 2020
از بین بردن لکه سنگ مرمریت|remove stains from marble

Learn how to remove stains from marble

Peerless in terms of luminescence, softness, and distinctive veining, marble has always been one of the most widely […]
7 November, 2020
نحوه ترمیم خراش روی سنگ مرمریت|remove scratches of marble stone

How to remove scratches on the surface of marble?

Marble stone There are many great reasons to install marble surfaces in your home, whether that is a […]
24 October, 2020
آب بندی سنگ تراورتن|travertine sealing

How often should travertine sealing be done?

Why should we seal travertine tile? Travertine pavers are among the most popular and beautiful media to choose […]
14 October, 2020
بیشترین کاربرد سنگ تراورتن|travertine stone

What is the most common use of travertine?

What is Travertine? Travertine is a natural stone such as Marble, Granite, Onyx, Limestone, Slate etc. The key […]
10 October, 2020
انواع سنگ تراونیکس|types of Traonyx stones

Introducing the types of Traonyx stones and its benefits

Traonyx The traonyx stone is mix of travertine and onyx and consists of minerals such as aragonite clastic […]
4 October, 2020
ابعاد استاندارد سنگ کانتر آشپزخانه|standard dimensions of a kitchen counter

What are the standard dimensions of a kitchen counter?

Countertops While specific measurements will often depend on your specific space, there are standard measurements for structures within […]
19 September, 2020
بهترین سنگ شومینه|best fireplace stone

What stones can be used for a fireplace?

Fireplace stone Fuel-burning appliances such as fireplaces and wood stoves must have a hearth made of noncombustible materials […]
16 September, 2020
۱۵ حقیقت درباره سنگ گرانیت|granite stone

15 interesting facts about granite

Granite stone Between the beauty, durability and multitude of other positive qualities granite has, it is not hard […]
14 September, 2020
در چه مکانی‌هایی میتوان از سنگ اسلب استفاده کرد|what places can Slab stone be used for

what places can Slab stone be used for?

Slab stone Nothing makes more of a statement than a beautiful natural stone slab. Known for their durability […]