27 September, 2023
انواع سنگ دهبید و نقش آن در ساختمان سازی|Types of Dehbid stone and its role in construction

Features of Dehbid stone

What is Dehbid stone? Dehbid stone is in the category of marble stones and has many fans for […]
27 September, 2023
ویژگی های سنگ ازنا

Features of Azna stone

What is Azna stone? Azna stone is a Chinese stone that is in the category of crystal stones, […]
27 September, 2023
سنگ‌های ساختمانی

Getting to know the types of building stones

How many categories are stones divided into? Building stones are one of the most basic and basic building […]
22 August, 2023
آشنایی با سنگ مرمریت|Marble stone

The use and benefits of white floor stone

Stone is one of the elements that is used as building flooring due to its high status, beauty, […]
19 August, 2023
بیشترین کاربرد سنگ ازنا در ساختمان سازی|the most used of Azna stone in construction

What is Anza stone and what is its use in construction?

What is Anza stone Azna stone is in the category of Chinese stones, this stone is called as […]
15 July, 2023
بهترین سنگ اسلب دیوار پشت تیلویزیون|best slab stone for TV wall design

All kinds of decorative building stones

In terms of petrology, the decorative stones of the building are among igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary rocks. Examples […]
8 July, 2023
انواع سنگ مرمریت کرم|types of cream marble

Applications and features of construction marble

Marble Marble has been used for various purposes since ancient times. Marble construction increases the beauty and elegance […]
25 May, 2022
بهترین سنگ تراورتن روشن|best bright travertine stones

What are the best bright travertine stones?

Travertine stones Travertine is a sedimentary rock that is composed of calcium, which is formed over time by […]
14 May, 2022
بهترین سنگ اسلب دیوار پشت تیلویزیون|best slab stone for TV wall design

The best slab stone for TV wall design

TV wall One of the things that is very important and is watched a lot on a daily […]
7 May, 2022
انواع سنگ مرمریت کرم|types of cream marble

Everything you need to know about types of cream marble!

Cream marble Marble is a stone made of calcium carbonate that has been subjected to a natural recrystallization […]
13 April, 2022
نحوه برق انداختن سنگ کانتر گرانیتی|polishing granite counter stone

How to polish granite counter stone

countertops Granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops as well as floor and wall tiles. Granite is […]
9 April, 2022
معایب و مزایای سنگ چرمی|advantages and disadvantages of leather stone

What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather stone?

leather stone Naturally, stones are not very suitable for construction uses because they have an uncut and rough […]
4 April, 2022
آشنایی با پرداخت سنگ چرمی|leather stone polishing

Familiarity with leather stone polishing

Finishing of stones To use the stones in the building, you have to pay for them because the […]
26 February, 2022
سنگ چینی سفید سیرجان|Sirjan white porcelain stone

Familiarity with Sirjan white porcelain stone and its applications

What is Porcelain stone? Porcelain rock is formed and crystallized over a long period of time due to […]
13 February, 2022
استفاده سنگ گرانیت مشکی برای کانترتاپ|black granite be used for kitchen countertops

Can black granite be used for kitchen countertops?

Granite Kitchen is one of the basic and important components of any home that has a great impact […]
5 February, 2022
سنگ نما رومی|Roman facades stones

What stones are used for Roman facades?

Roman facades stones Roman facades is one of the most common types of design styles used for buildings. […]
8 January, 2022
سبک های دکوراسیون داخلی با استفاده از سنگ|interior decoration styles

A variety of interior design styles using natural stone

Interior design Decoration means arranging and arranging, interior decoration means how to arrange and choose the materials of […]
1 January, 2022
کاربردهای سنگ مرمریت گلدن بلک|Golden Black stone

Where can Golden Black stone be used?

Golden Black Stone Golden Black stone is one of the types of marble stones and has different degrees […]
21 December, 2021
بیشترین کاربرد سنگ تراورتن عباس آباد|Abbasabad travertine stone

The best use of Abbas abad travertine stone

What is travertine and what are its types? Travertine is one of the sedimentary rocks that is formed […]
12 December, 2021
انواع سنگ گرانیت مشکی

Familiarity with different types of black granite and its applications

What is granite? Granite is made from the cooling of masses of molten material. The stone used in […]