What are the benefits of buying stone from Zomorodin nama?

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What is the most used of Azna stone in construction?
25 September, 2021
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2 November, 2021
سنگ فروشی زمردین نما

Iran stone

Zomorodin Nama Company has started its activity in 1345 in the field of selling building stones. This collection has welcomed new technologies and technologies in the stone industry. In order to improve exports and with the attitude of currency exchange and strengthening the economic strength of the country’s stone industry, in addition to domestic sales, the company has exported and transited various types of building stones abroad, including the UAE, Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, Armenia and Italy. Is. Also, taking into account the tastes and needs of esteemed customers, considering the variety of stones in terms of type and design, it imports various types of quality stones in to our dear country and tries to provide a complete set of imported stones to esteemed customers. Other benefits of buying stone from Zomorodin Nama include:


Zomorodin Nama Company is a manufacturer and seller of all types of stones in the Iranian and world markets. It has a variety of imported and exported products.

Product features included

  • Has all stones in all dimensions
  • Unparalleled variety of colors in different stones
  • Reasonable price of stones according to your budget
  • Services to make your building more beautiful, dear ones
  • Very high variety of products to suit all tastes
  • Provide product catalogs with all their features for easy selection and purchase of the desired product
  • Categorize all products according to the needs of people and their tastes
  • Only the atmosphere at the time of selection and purchase according to the product category based on the consumer environment

Stone products can be used in different places

Stone products related to:

  • the floor of the building ,
  • Building facades ,
  • W.C ,
  • Kitchen counter,
  • Building stairs,
  • Yard ,
  • Parking
  • and lobby

various stone products:

  • Travertine stones include: Atashkooh, tree trunk, Hajiabad cloud and wind, Haji Abad Roshan, Khormai Takab, Khalkhal, Darreh Bukhari Leather, Dar Bukhari, Darreh Moj Pich, Silver Maragheh Leather, Torgh, Abbas Abad, Kashan
  • Traonix rocks include: forest trawl, wood trawl, romance onyx
  • Porcelain and crystal stones include: Azna, Oshin Blue Persian Skato, Porcelain Blue Crystal, Simon, Panda Crystal, Tennessee White Crystal, Mountain Crystal, Black Aligudarz
  • Granite stones include: Galaxy, leather lagoon, Natanz Habibollahi
  • Marble stones include: 3D Black, Arg Birchnd, Avid, Ice Flower, Patrice, Black Art, Autumn, President, Persian Silk, Petra Gray, Toranj, Jooshaghan and all other types of marble
  • Stone document stone design wood
  • Limestone stone of Marvdasht
  • Caramel marble


Zomorodin Nama shop is a permanent exhibition of stone products such that:

  • Has 2000 meters of covered warehouse
  • 800 m hall for slabs and gate stone cutting machines
  • A complete exhibition complex with a variety of building stones, facade stones, decorative stones, wall stones, stair stones, etc.
  • An exhibition of 120 types of Iranian and foreign stones
  • Display all stones without the need for physical presence in the Zomorodin Nama sale site
  • View all the details and features of the stones in the Zomorodin Nama sale site
  • Help to find your favorite stone according to the desired features by dedicated fillers in the site of Zomorodin Nama


Zomorodin Nama Company is known for using a wide range of letters in architecture and design for unique projects in a wide range of market share. Cooperation with many projects of Tehran Municipality, medical centers, factories and reputable private and public companies from the past until now is one of the honors of this collection. The projects in which this company has participated are available on the site and their specifications can be seen.



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