Types of decorative stone application


10 July, 2021
سنگ معرق سنگ کف|mosaic stone

Using mosaic stone to beautify the floor of the hall

The art of mosaic work and mosaic stone Mosaic in the word means patch, piece and vein. Any […]
28 June, 2021
سنگ طرح چوب|wood design stones

Familiarity with wood design stones and its use

since humans set foot on the planet, wood has been the first vital material for building basic tools […]
14 June, 2021
بهترین سنگ نما ساختمان|best facade stone

What is the best facade stone and what are its characteristics?

One of the main parts of the building is the exterior facade. The facade of the building is […]
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Zomorodin Nama company started its activities in the year of 1966 with the opening of Tehran head office in the field of building stones. Our Company produce and process various building stones & also, we are recognized by a wide range of market share because of cooperation with some of the leading names in architecture and design in unique projects.

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