Types of decorative stone application


27 September, 2023
انواع سنگ دهبید و نقش آن در ساختمان سازی|Types of Dehbid stone and its role in construction

Features of Dehbid stone

What is Dehbid stone? Dehbid stone is in the category of marble stones and has many fans for […]
27 September, 2023
ویژگی های سنگ ازنا

Features of Azna stone

What is Azna stone? Azna stone is a Chinese stone that is in the category of crystal stones, […]
27 September, 2023
سنگ‌های ساختمانی

Getting to know the types of building stones

How many categories are stones divided into? Building stones are one of the most basic and basic building […]
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Zomorodin Nama company started its activities in the year of 1966 with the opening of Tehran head office in the field of building stones. Our Company produce and process various building stones & also, we are recognized by a wide range of market share because of cooperation with some of the leading names in architecture and design in unique projects.

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