Where can Golden Black stone be used?

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Golden Black Stone

Golden Black stone is one of the types of marble stones and has different degrees and grades that are made and polished in the form of tiles, slabs and longitudinal stones. This stone has a black background color in which there are irregular white and gold lines, and in some types of this stone, its background color tends to be brown. This stone is extracted from stone mines in Isfahan province, Kashan city.

What are the characteristics of Golden Black stone?

Golden Black stone is one of the best-selling marble stones. Golden Black stone is a special stone with a unique design that the designs engraved in it with gold and white lines are not repeated in any other stone and can not be found similar to it. The resistance of this stone to abrasion is low. In appearance, the more golden streaks of Golden Black stone, the more expensive and high quality the stone. The properties of Golden Black stone affect the places where it is used. Briefly, its features can be described as follows:

  • Beautiful and unique view
  • Good subwoofer
  • Low water absorption
  • Surface opacity in outdoor space
  • high resistance
  • Polished and shiny
  • Good adhesion with mortar

What characteristics affect the quality and grade of Golden Black stone?

Stones have different qualities that are extracted from different mines and made and marketed by different manufacturers, which also affects their price. Due to the quality of Golden Black stone, it can be used in different places. There are parameters for grading rocks that are mentioned below.

  • Type of processing and sub-stone
  • No lip and no full lips
  • Type of stone sending
  • Type of rock and its mine
  • Stone diameter
  • No rot, stains and glands in the stone
  • Accurate classification and sorting
  • Its precise dimensions and angle
  • Types of consumables such as resin and mesh behind the stone and …

In what parts is Golden Black stone used?

According to the properties of Golden Black stone, this stone can be used indoors. Golden Black stone is not used outdoors due to its calcareous veins, and Golden Black stone is gradually eroded and worn, so it is mostly used indoors. It is better to use this stone in the interior walls and floor of the building. Due to its low abrasion resistance compared to other stones, this stone is not suitable for places where a hard rock body can be worn on it, because it causes the stone to scratch and scratch, which gradually loses its beauty. The spaces that can be used for Golden Black stone are listed below:

  • Interior walls
  • Lobby walls
  • Floor stones, frames and elevator margins
  • Cabinets and kitchen
  • Luxury toilets
  • Luxurious bathroom and master
  • Behind the TV
  • Lobby paving
  • Lobby walls of buildings
  • Pavement halls
  • Hotels, luxury malls and shops
  • Staircase stones, steps, stair walls and corridors and under stairs
  • Paving the hall, hall and reception
  • Counters and counters
  • and …


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