A variety of interior design styles using natural stone

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Interior design

Decoration means arranging and arranging, interior decoration means how to arrange and choose the materials of different parts. Interior design is not limited to residential houses and includes other uses such as offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, stores, etc. In interior decoration design, according to the decoration style and its design rules, a variety of materials such as natural stone, artificial stone, wood, etc. are used. Designing interior decoration is not an easy task and has its own rules. There are different types of interior decoration design, which are mentioned below

What are the types of interior design styles?

Interior decoration design is available in a variety of styles, including:

  • Modern decoration style
  • Modern decoration style
  • Minimal decoration style
  • Industrial decoration style
  • 20th century modern decoration style
  • Scandinavian decoration style
  • Traditional western decoration style
  • Traditional Middle Eastern decoration style
  • Transitional or transitional decoration style
  • Traditional decoration style of Far East
  • French decoration style
  • Bohemian decoration style
  • Rustic decoration style
  • Stylish night decoration style
  • Hollywood decoration style
  • Beach decoration style
  • Ancient Iranian decoration style
  • Ancient Greek decoration style
  • Monochrome decoration style
  • Neoclassical decoration style
  • Interior decoration style with bricks

What is the use of stone in interior decoration?

The use of natural stone in interior decoration gives a unique feeling to human beings and evokes the atmosphere of nature. The high variety of designs and colors of natural stones allows them to be used in any style. One of its advantages is high sound absorption. Decorative stones were first used in the exterior of buildings, but gradually these stones were also used in interiors, and antique stones were considered by architects. Today, we see the use of antique stones and natural stones instead of indoor and outdoor spaces.

In which of the following types of interior decoration styles is natural stone used?

In all the mentioned styles, natural stones can be used in the design, but in some styles, natural stone is more used and used. You can combine these styles according to your taste and create your favorite style.

Modern decoration style:

Natural stone has a special place in modern decoration design. In designing modern decoration, everything that makes a person feel free is considered. The use of unpaid natural stones is one of the features of this style.

French decoration style:

French decoration style is a style in which warm and soft colors are used and stone and brick are its prominent features.

Rustic decoration style

Another style in which natural stone is used in its design is the rustic decoration style, which is usually executed using natural elements such as wood and stone. The rustic interior design creates an honest and unpretentious atmosphere and reminds of the quiet rural life.

Ancient Iranian decoration style

Ancient Iranian decoration style is a style in which marble is widely used in its design. This style is reminiscent of the Achaemenid era. Marble is used in the design of walls and floors indoors and outdoors. The use of stone and engraved statues and the use of cream and neutral colors along with crimson, blue and purple colors are other features of this style. Tall stone columns, marble frames naturally and angular are some of the items that can be seen in this style.

Ancient Greek decoration style

Ancient Greek style Like the style of ancient Iran, marble is widely used; And many of the items used in this style are similar to the style of ancient Iran, with the difference that more curved shapes are seen in this style.

Monochrome decoration style

In monochrome style design, the use of stones with neutral colors is very useful. In this style, stones with a color range from light to dark are used and the transparency of the stone has a great impact on the design of this style.

Neoclassical decoration style

In the neoclassical decoration style, softer and more flexible materials are used compared to the classical decoration style. In this style, simple types of wood, natural stone and decorative can be used in combination with natural materials.


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