The use and benefits of white floor stone

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Stone is one of the elements that is used as building flooring due to its high status, beauty, great variety and no need for special care and treatment. White floor stone is known as one of the most popular stones for use as flooring.

Suitable stone for the floor of the building

One of the reasons why stone is used in the building floor more than other floorings is the variety of types of flooring stones that people with any taste can choose their desired stone for flooring.

All kinds of stones suitable for building floors

  • marble stone
  • Chinese rock
  • Travertine
  • onyx stone
  • Granite

Using white floor stone or marble stone in the building

The use of white floor stone or marble stone as flooring is one of the most common uses of marble stone, and this stone is often used more for flooring than other stones. One of its disadvantages is the great variety and resistance of marble. This stone is available in different colors and designs in the market, but white marble floor stone is a more suitable choice for flooring.

The first parameter that people pay special attention to when choosing the stone for the floor of the building is the color and appearance of the stone, for this reason, white marble is one of the stones that, due to its beautiful color and luster, has a special effect in private spaces. Gives space.

Due to the pureness of the stone, white marble has a higher quality and is more transparent. Also, this stone has less water absorption and is a good choice for use in wet spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Also, marble has a higher density than other building floor stones, and it can be used as flooring in different spaces of the building.

Types of white stone for the floor of the building

There are different types of white marble, each of which has its own unique characteristics and uses.

  • Dehbid marble stone

Dehbid stone is one of the most popular marble stones, which takes its name from the area where it is mined, which is in Fars province.

Dehbid stone is a high-quality stone that is always used in countries other than Iran and is a widely used stone for flooring.

Among the reasons why Dehbid stone is chosen as a high-quality and suitable stone for flooring, the following can be mentioned:

  1. Durability and high resistance
  2. Low water absorption
  3. High Quality
  4. Beauty and variety of colors and designs
  5. Low porosity
  6. High cutting capability
  7. Reasonable price due to high quality and durability


    Dehbid marble stone is used as flooring for residential buildings, hotels and commercial centers, offices, etc.

    There are different types of Dehbid stones available in the market, if you want to get more information about Dehbid stones, click here.

  • Joshgan white marble

Joshgan stone is one of the brightest marble stones, which has a very high absorbency and therefore is very shiny and bright.

This stone has high abrasion resistance and is a suitable option for use in high-traffic places. Therefore, they use this stone as flooring for stairs, stairways, parking lots, and high-traffic areas.

If you want to get more information about this marble stone, click.

There are different types of white floor stone, or marble, of which two popular and widely used types were mentioned in this article.

Click to view other marble stones and study their specifications, features and applications.

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