What is Anza stone and what is its use in construction?

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سنگ ازنا

What is Anza stone

Azna stone is in the category of Chinese stones, this stone is called as the best type of Chinese stone for
construction purposes, and Azna stone is usefully used in the interior and exterior of the building.

Features of Azna stone

The background color of this stone is white, and diagonal and irregular black and white lines and streaks
can be seen in the design of this stone, and one of the reasons for the popularity of this stone is its design and color.
Today, different stones with different designs and colors are used in the interior and exterior of buildings, which have many variations, but Azna stone is always more popular because of its relatively bright color, high transparency, and simplicity, which is beautiful at the same time.

This stone is resistant to weather conditions, heat and cold, as well as the penetration of rainwater. Therefore, this stone can be used in different weather conditions.

This stone has a polished and smooth surface. It has very low water absorption and is resistant to corrosion and abrasion.

Azna stone can also be used in moderate climates.

You can safely use Azna stone in the kitchen where there may be more contact with water.

This stone is very transparent and reflects the light well due to the absorbency mentioned above, and it is a suitable choice for dimly lit and small spaces.

The use of Azna stone in construction purposes

Azna stone can be used in the interior and exterior of the building. In the following, you can see the exact use of this stone in construction purposes.

  • building floor stone (reception, hall, bedroom, living room and kitchen)
  • The facade of the building
  • The wall of the interior spaces of the building
  • The entrance of large commercial and residential buildings
  • Luxury and large hotels and business centers
  • Kitchen floor and wall
  • Toilet and bathroom
  • Landscaping and building external space
  • Stairs and stairs
  • Parking
  • Making a vanity
  • Counters of public and commercial centers
  • Hotel lobby and large commercial and residential buildings

In addition to the uses of Azna stone mentioned above, this stone is a suitable option for construction projects due to its high quality, as well as its simple and bright design and color.

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