The best slab stone for TV wall design

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سنگ های تزئینی ساختمان

TV wall

One of the things that is very important and is watched a lot on a daily basis is the TV, followed by the place where the TV is located and behind the TV in the field of view, and it is one of the points that should be paid much attention in its design. The walls of the TV or the wall on which we mount our TV sets always become the focal points of the room. This is the wall we gather around, so it naturally attracts attention. So, when it’s very easy to make, do not make it boring. Here’s how to put one together for use with your TV.

Where the design style can easily be displayed in the interior design is the wall behind the TV with natural marble slabs. Today, most people choose marble TV background wall to decorate their home to pursue a high quality, glamorous and extraordinary life. This trend is more evident in luxury array design.

Which slab stone should be used for TV wall?

Slab stones are the best choice for TV wall. Slab stone has a stunning beauty and makes the home look luxurious and flawless. No two slabs are exactly the same shape! This makes this choice unique. But to do this, you need to consider a few issues and go step by step to choose the most suitable slab for the back of the TV. The first issue is the color of the stone, then the type and size of the stone.

The most common stones used for TV wall are:

  • Marble
  • Porcelain and crystal
  • Traonix stone

How can we design a beautiful, unique and economical marble TV wall?

To do this, you need to consider several issues and go step by step to select the most suitable slab for the back of the TV. The first issue is the color of the stone, then the type of stone and its amount and size.

How to choose the color of slab stone?

There are different types of slab stones and their texture is also varied. There are many different and artistic colors. When we choose slab stone, we can choose a delicate and simple pattern to walk a beautiful path or appear with a distinctive and prominent pattern.

When choosing light slab stone (white, beige, light gray, pink, etc.) as the wall behind the TV, the warm color makes the home array more integrated.

When you use dark slabs (black, gray, brown, red, green) to build a wall, you can quickly improve the spatial quality of your home. Just like a unique natural work of art, it will become the visual focus of the entire living room. You can also check out the color list of our slab stones. And use the same type of stone to design the cabinet to create more harmony with the wall behind the TV. More veined slabs (which can use streaked granite, onyx, etc.) are also used to design the wall, creating a new natural style that is a new and unique design.

However, the color you should pay attention to is that regardless of the choice of dark and light colors, the overall composition of the array is the first priority. At the same time, the composition of natural stone and its texture must also be considered.

The size of the slab stone for TV wall

Prices vary depending on the type of stone and the amount of slab stone used for the back of the TV wall, as well as the size of the desired location and customization, but to better understand the costs you need to know the actual size of each part and the type of stone used. Check the selection.

Due to the natural defects of some stones and the non-economic nature of the designs, only 50% of the stones may be usable, so the price increases, but with the correct arrangement of slabs, this increase in costs can be avoided. There are also differences in the details of construction and design, and these differences must be taken into account in the design, and the arrangement of the stones must be done properly by experts to reduce costs.

Stone surface design

Design is actually another major focus of stone TV wall design, and this is largely ignored and the stones should be used with proper polishing. Stone surface processing methods are: polished, matte, sandblasted, antique and so on.

No matter how harmonious the original design is, how beautiful the texture pattern is, the reflection of the glossy slab stone destroys the overall visual effect. Especially for stones like black marble, the problem of reflection is very serious, which irritates people and also has the opposite effect in space.

Therefore, the use of non-shiny stone has a better effect. The common design in Europe and the United States today is based on a non-gloss design that does not cause light pollution. So, antique surface processing, water punch surface, sandblast surface and flame level are good choices.

However, if you have to choose a polished slab, you do not need to worry about it. You can turn off the glare to some extent by turning on the light. However, this must be done on site and changes to the lights and lines may be required.


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