What are the best bright travertine stones?

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Travertine stones

Travertine is a sedimentary rock that is composed of calcium, which is formed over time by chemical processes and is extracted from various mines. This stone is one of the most widely used stones in the construction industry. This stone is used for floors, kitchens, building facades, walls, cabinet toilets, toilets, fireplaces, pool floors, lobbies, fireplaces, stairs and corridors, courtyards and patios. Travertine stone has a very high polishing property and has good strength. The porosity of this stone has made it well adhesive and suitable for use in building facades. Travertine is available in different colors, including bronze, gray, beige, white, etc., the same color variation has caused it to suit the tastes of many people, but this stone is mostly seen in neutral and walnut colors. There are different types of travertine stone, the best of which are described below.

Where are the travertine’s mines?

Travertine has different minerals, each of which has its own unique properties and their density and lime percentage are different from each other. In Iran, this stone is extracted and exploited from the following mines.

  • Abyaneh white travertine
  • Haji Abad travertine
  • Kashan travertine
  • Travertine stone methods
  • Takab Honey Travertine
  • Travertine Spa
  • Travertine Abbasabad
  • Mountain fire travertine
  • Travertine Valley Heater
  • Travertine neighborhoods

What is the best travertine stone?

One of the best travertine stones is related to travertine stone that is extracted from Iranian mines. But in Iran, travertine stones are different from each other, which is described as the best clear travertine stones. Among the high quality travertine stones, we can mention white travertine stone, which is one of the most expensive stones and is used for building facades, and this stone is extracted from mines in the city of Mahallat in Markazi province, such as Abbasabad mine, Mahallat mine and Hajiabad mine. The purer and whiter this stone is, the better it is and the higher its price.

Atash kooh travertine stone

This stone is the best light travertine stone, which has a very high quality and is therefore expensive. Mountain fire travertine is white and cream in color and its surface is smooth, light and uniform. This stone has been used in Tehran’s Azadi Tower and is known as a luxury stone for expensive and luxurious buildings. Due to the high quality of this stone and its high cost, advanced machines are used to process and cut this stone. Atash Kooh travertine mine is located in Mahallat city in Markazi province. In the lower varieties of this stone, the white color of the stone is reduced and red and brown streaks can be seen in it.

Mahallat travertine stone

Mahallat travertine stone, as its name suggests, is extracted from Mahallat city and its characteristics are similar to mountain fire travertine stone, and after Atash mountain travertine stone, this stone is one of the best travertine stones.

Abbas abad travertine stone

This stone is one of the popular travertine stones that is extracted from Markazi province and Mahallat city. This stone includes a variety of processing that has different uses. The price of stone is determined based on its characteristics and type of processing, and it is also processed in different sizes in the form of slabs, corrugated sheets, windbreaks, leather and guillotines.

Dare bokhari travertine stone

Dare bokhari  travertine, like other clear travertine stones that has been mentioned so far, is extracted from the mines of Markazi province. The mine of this stone is located near Haji abad mine. The color of the travertine stone of Dare bokhari is also light and tends to be white. There are different types of this stone, including wavy, waveless, capiol, Azar Noosh and Pich wave.


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