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Cream marble

Marble is a stone made of calcium carbonate that has been subjected to a natural recrystallization process. Marble is formed by the transformation of other stones by high temperatures and intense pressures. As a result of this process, new minerals, textures and structures form a large number of different types of marble. Marble is a beautiful stone that due to this natural and random event, marble is found in different colors and textures. No two marble slabs are alike, and this is part of the reason why they are so popular.

Marble has always been one of the most valuable stones for the home. From glossy marble tables to cool marble floors.

Marble is cut and prepared from different mines, so there are different types. Therefore, to classify marble stones, they are classified based on the color spectrum.

What are the types of marble?

In Iran, marble stones are classified based on mines and colors, which include Abadeh marble, spider, Arsanjan peacock, Mahkam, Harsin, Khoy, Joshqan, diplomat, guerrilla, Diamond, Jiroft, Dehbid Ara, Dehbid Zare, Dehbid Shayan, Simkan, Najafabad, Chehrak, Bajestan, Operador, Anarak, Khobsangan, Persian Silk, Gohareh, Nazarabad, Moali Yazd, Birjand, Gol Cheshmeh Mahallat, Gol Rose, Pol Pisheh Kurdistan and Rose Bafgh, but there are other cases. It exists in Iran.

But there is another type of classification that is based on the color spectrum, which includes colors such as white, yellow, black, gray, green, blue and cream, each of which includes many designs and colors. Be

Familiarity with cream marble

Cream marble has a wide range, this stone is a convenient choice that always has its beauty. Some colors are warmer and some are calmer, all with their own glamor. A wide range of bright beige colors brighten the space with their own light.

Cream marble has a unique beauty. This stone offers a special warmth and style in the environment. Those who decide to use it know that it is a safe choice.

What are the types of cream marble?

There are different types of cream marble, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • Dehbid cream marble that is extracted from Dehbid area. These stones include Dehbid Chahamorghi, Shayan, Zare, Ahrar, Angork, Chehrak and Hassanabad.
  • Khoy marble is available in Nescafe and brighter colors
  • Paradise marble has a beige cream theme with fossil veins. The lower the amount of these veins, the higher the quality of the stone and the higher the price. This stone has good abrasion resistance and is very close to Dehbid stone.
  • Wheat marble, as its name implies, is similar to wheat field and has dark grayish veins. This stone is resistant to sunlight and can be used outdoors
  • Cappuccino marble is a new marble in Iran that has a beige background and flowers in brown or cappuccino color and its veins tend to be yellow. This stone is also used because of its strength in stairs.
  • Adavi marble is another type of cream marble that is cheap and available. It has a cream and pink color theme with irregular brown streaks with an aura of white flowers. This stone is also known as cotton flower stone. Adavi stone has a small perturbation that makes it affordable, has a wide range of colors and is classified into different varieties.
  • Semirom marble is one of the brightest marble stones that has a color range from cream to white. Fine coffee beans are found in this stone and it is a good alternative to travertine stones.
  • Hersin marble, which includes a cream to gray color spectrum with fine dark lines. This stone is one of the best and most popular marble stones
  • Salsali marble has cream colors with red and orange veins, the veins of which are curved lines.
  • Abadeh marble is available in different varieties that include orange and pomegranate color spectrum. This stone has a high moisture absorption and is not suitable for wet places. Parsian Iraji marble, Karamabadeh, etc. are among these stones.
  • It is a peacock-filled marble with a cream to brown and gray color spectrum in which brown streaks can be seen.

What are the characteristics of cream marble?

Cream marble stones are often low-veined or have golden-brown streaks. Low-cream marble stones have a uniform appearance, which has led to the use of low-velocity cream marble stones in the building, including stone. Are considered popular.

Application of cream marble

Cream marble should not be used outdoors and in areas exposed to sunlight as it may discolor. This stone is used in different spaces inside the building based on its color spectrum and is a suitable option for flooring. In designing the space with cream marble, it should not be combined with materials of the same color, but should be combined with other materials such as black, red or brown.

Cream marble is also used for walls, lobbies, hotels, counters and stairs. This stone is also used to make toilets.


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