سنگ تراورتن دره بخاری چرمی|leather heater valley travertine stone
Leather heater valley
17 December, 2019
سنگ تراورتن حاجی آباد ابر و باد|haji abad abrobad stone
Haji abad abrobad
18 December, 2019


Sizes: 32×32, 45×45, 60×60, 90×90

Khalkhal stone is a travertine stone. This kind of travertine stone because of the location of the stone mine in Ardabil province, Khalkhal county, named and known as khalkhal stone. Khalkhal stone includes cream color spectrum. Beige cream and beige. Khalkhal stone is produced and supplied on the form of wavy and wave less. Builders and industrialists in construction sector from khalkhal travertine stone is using for internal and external views of buildings. Khalkhal stone has black and dark brown veins that their grading and ranking in terms of quality it depends on the type of veins and halos of inside the stone.






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