سنگ تراورتن خلخال|khalkhal travertine stone
18 December, 2019
سنگ تراورتن طرق|torogh stone
21 December, 2019

Haji abad abrobad

Sizes: 32×32, 45×45, 60×60, 90×90

Nowadays view of stone us very important index in construction. Among the stone facades, travertine haji abad wind and cloud stone is known as the most practical product. Wind and cloud haji abad stone is processed and produced in the form of wave less. Wind and cloud idiom is due to the presence of stains that are irregularly and scattered is observed in the field of cream. Haji abad stone is proper for all climatic conditions from the very cold and rainy up to the hot and humid weather. Also this kind of stone is applicable for all views from simple to shapely.





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