سنگ تراورتن آتشکوه|atashkoh travertine
16 December, 2019
سنگ تراورتن دره بخاری روشن|Dare-bokhari-light Travertine stone
Bright heater valley
16 December, 2019

Tree trunk

Sizes: 32×32, 45×45, 60×60, 90×90

Tree trunk stone is subset of travertine stone and is sold in market with walnut travertine name. Travertine tree trunk material is very adamant and strong. This kind of stone because of having superficial holes is very resistant to heat, cold and slippery as a result of tree trunk stone can be used for external view in open spaces and the floor of the building. Travertine tree trunk stone mines is located in Hamedan province, Tabriz(Azar shahr)  and Markazi province (Tafresh). Each of these mines has it’s own features.






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