Familiarity with the family of crystal stone and its types

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7 June, 2020
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15 June, 2020

Iranian Crystal Stone is actually the marble stone. In fact, Chinese crystal is one of the types of limestone or dolomite. that has been recrystallized due to the thermal pressure caused by the injection of high-temperature magma during long periods of time. That’s why Chinese crystal is one of the most transformed stones. Crystal rocks in different rock mines vary in the amount of metamorphism and chemical composition.which is visible with the eye. In the case of the coarseness of this aggregate, this building stone is called a crystal. The same coarse grains and crystals distinguish Chinese crystalline rock from sedimentary carbonate rocks. Crystal or Marble stone is composed mainly of two minerals, Wollastonite and calcite. Due to the fact that the stone creates a sound similar to the sound of Chinese porcelain, it is known as “Porcelain Stone” in Iran. The crystal stone is found mainly in dark gray to light background, black and yellow veins. Due to its inherent properties as a building material, porcelain crystals have many applications in the interior and exterior of building. Formerly the crystal stone as a building stone was greatly used as a main construction material in Iran later replaced by the travertine, marble and granite tiles & slabs due to lack of variety of stone. Recently, with the changing taste of customers, the use of this stone has a significant boom and is used in almost all spaces.

Types of crystal stones

Due to its abundant stone mines, Iran is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of crystal ore extraction. Iran’s crystal stone has gained a significant share of the stone export sector. In the following, we will introduce the most famous types of crystal stones in Iran and other countries.

Qorveh crystal stone: Qorveh city is located in Kurdistan province. Qorveh crystal stone, despite its eye-catching motifs and paintings, is one of the types of Iranian crystal stones. Qorveh crystal stone is processed in slab dimensions.

Panda crystal stone: Panda crystal stone is very popular in the world market. The origin of this popular stone is in China. Pandar crystal stone has a background and has bold black lines. The color scheme is reminiscent of the panda bear’s body, which is why it is known as the panda crystal stone.

Niriz Crystal Stone: In the past, Niriz crystal stone, despite its white background with black veins, was one of the most popular and widely used crystal stones in Iran. The mine of this old stone is located in Fars province of Shahrestan Neyriz. The special features of this stone are high volatility, low water absorption, compressive strength and high abrasion.

Patak crystal stone: Another name for Patak crystal is Palsandro stone. Due to its location in Patak village in Kerman province, it is known as Patak crystal stone. Patak or Palsandor crystal stone has a light and dark oriental background with white streaks and a white background with yellow and pink streaks.

Ice Flower Crystal Stone: The origin and mine of this stone is in Khorasan Razavi province. Ice cream crystal stone is one of the best and highest quality crystal stones.

Azna Crystal Stone: This stone is one of the most famous and famous Iranian crystal stones. Azna crystal stone has a white background and irregular gray and black lines diagonally. This stone mine is located in Lorestan province of Azna city.

Aligudarz crystal stone: Its mine is located in Aligudarz city in Lorestan province. Features of Aligudarz crystal stone include high subjectivity and white color theme with irregular gray and black lines. Also, this stone has a high degree of purity.

Herat Crystal Stone Afghanistan: Another world-famous type of crystal stone is Herat porcelain stone in Afghanistan. This stone has a bright and clear colored background with pale pink and green auras. It has a lot of fans due to its light transmittance.

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