Familiarity with Sirjan white porcelain stone and its applications

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What is Porcelain stone?

Porcelain rock is formed and crystallized over a long period of time due to the very high pressure and heat of magmas inside the earth. Porcelain is the same as crystal or marble, and its crystalline grains are visible. The reason for naming this stone as porcelain stone is because this stone gives a sound similar to the sound of porcelain by impact. Porcelain stone is also used in the design of interior decoration, stone sculptures and other decorations and has been considered by designers and architects. The color spectrum of porcelain stone is white and crystalline, but it is also found in other colors such as gray, yellow, red, green, pink and cream. Porcelain stone can be found in different parts of Iran, but Sirjan porcelain stone is one of the most famous and one of the most distinguished crystal stones in Iran. Sirjan white porcelain is extracted from Sirjan crystal mine located in Kerman province and Sirjan city.

What are the characteristics of Sirjan stone?

Sirjan white porcelain stone has a structure resistant to breakage, high transparency and gloss and low water absorption. Its color variation is very low and is mostly seen in light colors, such as white or white with light yellow, gray and gold streaks. Sirjan white porcelain stone is also known as Ghadmagah stone and is also known as the original Sirjan stone, Sirjan crystal stone and Sirjan golden stone.

Due to its role and pattern, this stone is processed in the form of bookmatch and formch. This stone is cut into slabs and the better the processing operation, the more transparent it will be. The use of this stone in the interior of the building, due to the passage of light and its transparency, illuminates the space and makes it a warm and pleasant place.

Applications of Sirjan stone

Sirjan white porcelain stone has many uses, this stone was used in the facade of buildings, but due to the lack of color diversity, other stones have been replaced, but this stone is used everywhere in the building, both office and residential buildings, and mostly in the following cases Uses:

  • Building flooring
  • Hall paving and reception
  • Kitchen paving
  • Interior walls of the building
  • Building facades
  • Building body
  • Stairs and steps
  • Health centers
  • Lobby paving
  • Elevator
  • Kitchen counters and counter lobbies and hotels
  • ….

To use Sirjan white porcelain stone in the facade of buildings, due to its very low porosity, scoop clamps should be used during installation. Due to its high price, this stone is mostly used in expensive and luxury buildings and is not economically suitable for ordinary and cheap buildings. Also, the use of this stone in cold and humid areas is not recommended.

Price of Sirjan white stone

The price of this stone depends on different things, but in general, the smaller the stone, the lower its price. The price of Sirjan white porcelain stone is determined based on the following:

  • Quality of stone processing
  • Thickness of the stone
  • The size of the processed slab
  • Color and design
  • Bookmatch or formatch being stone


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