Familiarity with leather stone polishing

سنگ چینی سفید سیرجان|Sirjan white porcelain stone
Familiarity with Sirjan white porcelain stone and its applications
26 February, 2022
معایب و مزایای سنگ چرمی|advantages and disadvantages of leather stone
What are the advantages and disadvantages of leather stone?
9 April, 2022
آشنایی با پرداخت سنگ چرمی|leather stone polishing

Finishing of stones

To use the stones in the building, you have to pay for them because the stones normally have a rough and unshaped appearance. There are different methods for polishing stones, each of which has its own importance in beautifying the stones. Polishing of stones is effective in increasing the durability and longevity of stones. Depending on the application of the stones, different coatings are used, some of which make the stone shiny or opaque, and some of which create a special and different appearance in the stone. One way to polish them is to leather them.

What is Leather the stone?

The process in which the stone is polished and sanded using special machines to make the surface velvety is called stone peeling. Leathering or polishing Leather is a method of polishing that can not be applied to any type of stone, and there are restrictions on the choice of stone, and most marble and travertine stones are leather.

What is the use of leather stone?

Leathering the stone makes the less valuable stones more beautiful and valuable, which adds depth to the stones and makes their texture appear larger. Leather stone can be used on exterior walls and on cabinet counters. Leathering the stone preserves the color of the stones and creates a textured appearance in them. This also makes it easier to maintain and care for the stones.

How to pay for leather stone?

Peeling of stones is done during a process that is the initial stage of honding. After honding, the surface of the stone is sanded with special brushes to obtain the desired texture and material. Different brushes are used to create different weaves. To sand the stone during the leather process, a special saw machine is used, inside which there is a brush called a morsel. The bites come in different sizes and shapes, each for a specific stage during the polishing process. During this process, slab stone is placed on the conveyor and with the movement of the conveyor, the stones enter the sawing machine, then they start their work and sand the surface of the stone like sanding to reach the desired roughness. The initial bristles are rougher and the final bristles are softer.

In the polishing stage of the stones, the colors become more prominent and the surface of the stone becomes smooth and shiny to the extent that light is reflected by the surface of the stone. The softer and more numerous the end pieces of the machine, the more polished the surface of the stone, and as a result, the polished stone is easier to maintain and its transparency will be maintained in the long run. The polishing process, like leather, uses rough and soft bristles, and to make it clearer, acid brushes are used. At the end, the remaining acids are washed with detergent brushes, and the cleaned surface is usually resinized.

What stones are suitable for leather?

Darker stones are a better option for leathery stones and the degree of leathery of the stones is different from each other. Stones that are more uniform and smoother and finer than stones that are mixed. Leathering the stones makes the design of the stones more visible, and this is also related to the case stone.


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