Can black granite be used for kitchen countertops?

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Kitchen is one of the basic and important components of any home that has a great impact on the beauty of the home. With proper design and color selection in its design, you can add to the beauty of the kitchen and its appearance at home. Choosing the right design and color in kitchen design depends on the design style and is very important. Kitchen countertop stone is one of the components that is widely used daily and is exposed to various damages. Properties that counter stone should have include impact resistance, scratches and scratches, low water absorption and high resistance to other things that black granite has.

Black granite in the kitchen

The use of black granite in kitchen design can create dignity and strong effects. In some designs, contrasting colors such as white and black can be used for more striking. Black cabinet stone slabs are offered in different materials and designs and can be in the black color range in a simple and clear, matte and glossy, etc.

Black granite is very stylish and is one of the most suitable choices for kitchen countertops. There are different types of black granite that can be used according to any taste. Granite stones with golden and copper veins or solid black granite are examples of this stone that are excellent for countertops.

Galactic granite, pure granite, black cosmos granite, black pearl granite, black sun granite and many other letters and designs are among the black granite used for kitchen countertops.

2 false idea about granite stone for countertop

Black granite countertops are returning to the kitchen. Glossy or matte granite, more or less streams and splashes of different shades and black countertops made of granite with these features always create a captivating appearance.

Some people may be afraid to use black granite counters in their kitchen. Some people think that black kitchen tables are too dark and this type of granite can turn the kitchen into a dark and dull space. The truth is that if you choose one of the colors of black granite, you have made a very good decision. Of course, you need to understand the space, the style of dark granite counters and plan according to your specific and functional needs in the kitchen. Another important point is to decide if black kitchen countertops are a complement to the style you want to see every day and enjoy.

How to maintain black granite

Keeping black granite counters clean is not a difficult task at all. People who have dark countertops in their kitchen know the value of this precious element. Keeping granite counters clean is full of love and affection.

Do not use lemon, vinegar or ammonia cleaners to clean black granite countertops. These materials cause the surface to corrode. Use soap, dishwashing liquid and warm water for safe care of your black kitchen counter. If you add some alcohol, they also kill germs. Use soft, microfiber cloths to clean the stone. Another tip for extra care, do not place very hot objects directly on the rock.

By observing these items, there will be no more problems for your stone counter and you can enjoy its beauty.

Properties of granite stone

Granite is one of the most durable natural stones for kitchen countertops and has several types. Natanz, Tuyserkan, Fashti, etc. granite stones are some of these types of stones.

The more uniform and black granite is, the more expensive it is and the greater its strength against cold and heat. This stone is used in all building spaces, both inside and outside the building and kitchen.

The high hardness of granite stone against heat, impact, scratches, high compressive strength and low water absorption has made this stone a good choice for kitchen countertops and can complement many colors in kitchen design. The sandiness of this stone makes it shinier and has a greater effect on its appearance.

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