What stones can be used for home interior design?

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انواع سنگ برای دیزاین داخلی منزل

Stone is abundantly available in nature and is often used in green building projects as it is environmentally sustainable. It does not contain any harmful materials or toxins and can be safely used for both indoors and outdoors. Rugged, rustic and eco-friendly, stone has a natural charm to it. When used in interiors, it lends a timeless and elegant vibe to spaces. Natural stones are versatile and add a distinct texture to interiors. “Right from elegant Italian marble, directional travertine, durable granite, practical Kota, translucent onyx and rustic slate each stone has its own characteristic appeal,” say Ashish Patil & Prachi Chavarkar, co-founder, ArchiLab Designs.

Suitable stones for home interior architecture

Stone in the interior is not easy to use but definitely an interesting and original material. Stone can be used in both — private and public spaces. The most important thing to bare in mind while working with the stone is to make sure its characteristics are applicable for your situation. Some stones absorb water (not to be used in the bathroom). The types of stones suitable for home interior architecture are:

  1. Travertine stone
  2. Granite stone
  3. Onyx stone
  4. Marble
  5. Agate
  6. Crystal Stone (Porcelain Stone)


Travertine is one of those finishes that can be used for countless ways throughout your interiors and looks beautiful regardless of how its used. From bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes to gracing your outdoor pool deck, you will be surprised how travertine tile can beautify your home. One of the beauties of this gorgeous stone is its varied colours and patterns.


Granite stone can be used as a covering for the interior walls of houses, such as the walls of the living room and the kitchen. You should be very careful using a very colourful stone especially when it has a lot of texture. The danger is: this stone can overwhelm the space.Use light monochrome colours in the interior to make the precious stone look in its best light! In this way the stone becomes the centre of attention and that would increase the value of the gem a lot. Another way to make your granite stand out is to use similar colour furniture.


Onyx is famous for its rich colour scheme. It is very resistant to high temperature and durable for cuts. Onyx is also very good at transmitting light. Therefore, its use in interior architecture creates a bright and bright space.


Semi-precious stone. Despite it is mostly used in jewellery, interior designers love it too because of its pattern. It transmits the light very well and because of its dark edges looks very powerful when lit.


Marble stones are among the most transformed stones. This type of natural stone can be seen in the construction and payment of historical monuments in ancient lands such as Rome and Greece. The chemical compounds of marble include calcite, dolomite and crystals. The main use of this stone is due to its inherent characteristics inside the building. In terms of strength, marble is stronger than travertine and weaker than granite. Is the most luxurious option. Because of its exquisite pattern, it is one of the most elegant floor decisions. It gives the house a sense of prosperity and value. It is extremely durable, can survive a lot of weight. Marble is scratch-free, does not age quickly. Inserting marble floor is expensive and time-consuming. Only skilled technicians would be able to insert the marbles correctly, without damages and waste.

Crystal Stone

Crystal Stone is actually the marble stone that has been recrystallized due to the thermal pressure caused by the injection of high-temperature magma during long periods of time, and its gradation is crystalline, which is visible with the eye. Crystal or Marble stone is composed mainly of two minerals, Wollastonite and calcite. Due to the fact that the stone creates a sound similar to the sound of Chinese porcelain, it is known as “Porcelain Stone” in Iran. . The crystal stone is found mainly in dark gray to light background, black and yellow veins. Today, unlike in the past, the use of crystal stone for home interior design and decoration has attracted a lot of attention from designers and architects. Often this type of stone is used for the facade of the building, the stairwell, the lobby, the counter, the toilets and the cabinets.



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