Buying building floor stone and the points to pay attention to

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The role of stone as an important material in building

Buying building floor stone, like buying other stones for use in construction, has important points that must be taken into account.
Stone plays a very important role in building construction and is used as a functional material for beautification and strength and durability of a building.
In this article, we point out the points that should be paid to buy floor stone.
As a material that is used both in the beauty of a building and in maintaining the strength of a building, stone is used in different parts of a residential or commercial building.
Stone is used in the construction of walls, flooring, decorative walls, space decorative accessories, kitchen counters, bathroom and kitchen flooring, sinks, etc.

Buying building floor stone

Since in Iran, the variety of building stones is very high and you may encounter problems and get confused when buying building floor stones, in this article we are going to guide you to have a good and high-quality purchase.
The first issue that should be taken into account when buying different types of building stone is the use of stone.

Paying attention to the use of stone when buying

If the building stone is to be used as a wall in the facade of the building, because it is necessary to pay attention to weather changes, then it should be chosen according to the fact that it is resistant to weather changes and against sunlight and rain. And snow and… it should be resistant and not lose its color and beauty.
If the stone is going to be used as flooring in commercial buildings, it should be careful to be resistant to wear, high compressibility, etc., so that it is not damaged by washing or hitting objects. If it is to be used as a bathroom, toilet and kitchen floor, it must be resistant to water and moisture and not be damaged by washing.

Also, the flooring stone of commercial and high-traffic buildings must have its own special and unique characteristics.
So paying attention to the use of stone is the first issue that should be paid special attention to when buying any kind of stone and buying stone for the floor of the building.

Different uses of stone in building

  • Wall
  • Floor Covering
  • Step
  • the floor of the building
  • Kitchen counter
  • Washroom and bathroom
  • Accessories and interior decorations

Paying attention to the size of the stone when buying
The second important issue that should be considered when buying building stones and also buying building floor stone is the size of the stone. There are different dimensions of building stones in the market and you can pay attention to the dimensions of the stone according to the use of the stone and the place where you are going to buy it.

If you know which part of the building you are going to use the stone for, you adjust the dimensions according to that space, for example, large spaces, lobbies and halls are more beautiful if they are covered with stone with larger dimensions, and also in terms of cost. They are more economical and the density of the stone is also maintained.

Also, to buy flooring, we must consider the dimensions of the floor. For example, in environments such as lobby or large halls, it is better to have larger floor dimensions to give more effect to the space and increase its beauty.

For example, if stone is used for the wall behind the TV and fireplace, it is better to use it in slab dimensions.

Pay attention to the price of the stone when buying

In addition to the fact that the stone is imported or exported, which determines its price, the size of the stone also affects its price, for example, stones with large dimensions have a higher price. When buying stones, be sure to pay attention to the calibration of the stone dimensions, although uncalibrated stones may have a lower price, but you will face problems when installing them.

Attention to the type of stone when buying a stone

You may not know all types of building stones or you may not have detailed information about them, but there are different types of stones and each one is used for different parts of the building that are related to their characteristics, so it is necessary to consider the type of stone that is used. You buy, get complete information.

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