سنگ تراونیکس چوبی|wood traonix
Wooden Traonics
24 April, 2020
سنگ مرمریت مشکی بیرجند|black birjand marble stone
Birjand black
30 April, 2020


Toranj stone with gray back ground, with streaks of red and brown is kind of marble stones .The mine of toranj stone is located in Isfahan province and the same as India Run farrest marble stone, to the features of this kind of marble stone, can be mentioned to shine and polishing capability. Toranj marble stone in the form of abrasion and leather with 2 cm thickness and tile and slab dimensions and in the form of polished is processed and supplied. Toranj stone in all of internal places of building can be used but because of high pushing resistance and low water absorption of this stone, the most usage of it is in Wc, internal decoration and lobby. Also, from this stone can be use in internal walls of building, flooring of office complexes, desk and counter of kitchen.


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