سنگ مرمریت آیس فلاور|ice flower marble
Ice flower
28 December, 2019
سنگ مرمریت بلک آرت|black art marble
Black Art
28 December, 2019


Sizes: 32×32, 45×45, 60×60, 90×90
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Marmara marble stone has a white background with very regular and smooth black lines has become to one of the most popular foreign stones. The main origin of this stone is Turkey. Marmara stone in Turkey is processed as a slab and exported to other countries. Marmara stone because of it’s special design and as well as it’s marble properties, for beautify and internal decoration unlimited in luxury projects, it has attracted the attention of contractors, Marmara marble stone is appropriate for Wc, kitchen, reception hall, building flooring.





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