سنگ مرمریت پرزیدنت|president marble stone
15 May, 2020
سنگ مرمریت لته ترکیه|turkey late marble
Turkey late
15 May, 2020

Spider Dehbid

Spider black stone is one of the most beautiful marble stones with dark background. This stone is available in two sort: very dark brown and black color themes. Because of the golden streaks in the form of spider webs, this stone has become famous to spider black dehbid. Nowadays, with using advanced devices, this stone is cut to slab dimensions. The features of spider black dehbid marble stone, can be mentioned :high density, excellent polishing capability, resistance to pressure and abrasion, very little water absorption and the unique color of it. To this beautiful and special stone, can be used in internal decoration of building. As marble has low resistance to light and heat, is not recommended to use it for external view of building.


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