سنگ سیمکان|Simakan stone
15 May, 2020
سنگ مرمریت دهبید مشکی اسپایدر| black dehbid spider
Spider Dehbid
15 May, 2020


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President stone is one of the most special of marble stone and decorative in country. The material of this stone was between marble and crystal and though recently entered to the market, has become famous and best_selling. The origin of this stone is in south khorasan and suburbs of Birjand. President marble stone, has dark background with golden and gray lines and waves. This stone is very beautiful and has capability to create frames of slab book match and four match and with 2 cm thickness is processed. To the features of this stone can be mentioned :very high density, proper polishing, high strength, resistance to abrasion and pressure, very little water absorption, resistance to cold, heat and moisture… Because of this features, can be used for all of internal places of building.


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