سنگ مرمریت کاسیا|casia marble stone
21 December, 2019
گرانیت نطنز حبیب اللهی|natanz habiballahi
Natanz Habiboallahi
21 December, 2019


Sizes: 32×32, 45×45, 60×60, 90×90

Diplomat marble Stone has light gray theme. The features of background color with calcite streaks near the areola of gray and pale pink, is separate this stone from other marble stones with gray background. The beauty of design of Diplomat marble stones, turns this stone into a work of art. The features of Diplomat marble stone can be mentioned :a very high density, proper polishing, high compressive and abrasion resistance, the beautiful color and design, good price and low water absorption. The usage of Diplomat marble stone is in paving of the reception halls, hotels lobbies, stair and internal walls of building. This stone in slab and tile dimensions in 60×60 and 80×80 sizes in the form of polished is processed and supplied. To increase the strength, resistance and quality of this stone is used from epoxy, mesh and high quality abrasive.


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