سنگ مرمریت صلصال|salsal marble stone
21 December, 2019
سنگ مرمریت دیپلمات|diplomat marble
21 December, 2019


Sizes: 32×32, 45×45, 60×60, 90×90

Cassia stone is one kind of marble stone. Origin of cassia stone is in mines of Shiraz Dehbid marble stone. Cassia stone with dark brown background with golden cream veins always as a facade of stylish and modern structures has attracted the attention of construction engineers and architects. Cassia stone is processed in slab and tile dimensions. Cassia stone has features such as: Lack water absorption,  resistance to erosion, polishing capability, high transparency and beauty color. Usage of this stone is for internal views of building especially floors and internal walls. Use from this stone because of Lack of resistance to heat and light in the external views of the building is not recommended.


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