What slabs should we use for home wall stone ?

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Slab stone

The special place of natural stone in interior design is indisputable today. Even minimalist decor that benefit from the use of natural materials. Who decides to invest in a wall covering or floor covering that keeps the heat and turned out to be very convenient. This elegant look is also a major asset. A wall covering or wall stone is a long-term investment. In addition to beauty and heat retention, stone wall covering is an important asset.

Nothing makes more of a statement than a beautiful natural stone slab. Known for their durability and longevity, natural stone slabs come in an abundance of colors and stone types.

Types of slab wall coverings to fit interior decoration

Inspired interior design is all about mixing colors, textures, and patterns to create an atmosphere that turns a house into a home. In large spaces such as kitchens, great rooms, or entry halls, accent walls are often adorned with paint or wallpaper to create a distinctive look. Unfortunately, paint and wallpaper don’t last forever. In high traffic or damp areas, the accent wall may need repainting or fresh wallpaper every few years. Fortunately, there is a timeless and durable solution–stacked stone walls.

Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns, which are approximately 2 cm thick. Different types of stone are better suited for different uses due to their degree of hardness and porosity.

  • Marble slabs

Undoubtedly, marble is one of the most practical and popular natural building stones that can be cut to slab dimensions. One of the marble features of the marble market is the variety of colors. This feature has led architects and construction contractors to use this stone in most construction projects from small to large dimensions such as slabs. Therefore, marble slabs are one of the best-selling building stones.

  • Travertine slab

Travertine is formed in hot springs and/or limestone caves. This stone has play pores that are covered with slurry or epoxy during processing. Travertine stone can be cut to slab dimensions and used in interior decoration as a wall covering of corridors and bathrooms and in the kitchen.

  • Granite slab

Granite is an igneous rock. Granite is one of the world’s toughest materials and has been used in buildings for thousands of years. A natural stone, it is formed by extreme heat and pressure deep underground. Granite is known as a versatile stone. Granite slab is one of the most popular building materials due to its characteristics such as durability and high resistance to environmental conditions. This stone can be used in the construction of the interior fireplace of bathrooms and kitchen space.

  • Onyx slab

Marble is a sedimentary rock that forms near limestone caves and hot and cold springs. The main mineral of this stone is crystal crystals, which, unlike other stones, has given marble a unique feature of light reflection. Slab is used in slab dimensions due to the ability of light to pass through in interior decoration. The use of light under this stone creates a very beautiful and eye-catching effect. For this reason, the use of marble slabs has become one of the methods of decorating and beautifying interior decoration.

  • Crystal slab

Crystal Stone is actually the marble stone. In fact, Chinese crystal is one of the types of limestone or dolomite. that has been recrystallized due to the thermal pressure caused by the injection of high-temperature magma during long periods of time. Crystal rocks in different rock mines vary in the amount of metamorphism and chemical composition. which is visible with the eye. In the case of the coarseness of this aggregate, this building stone is called a crystal. This stone can be used in the dimensions of slabs to the wall covering of the interior of houses in accordance with the decoration.





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