What are the uses of crystal stones in construction?

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Crystal stone, or Chinese stone(of course in Iranian stones), are calcareous or dolomitic rocks that have been recrystallized by intrinsic factors, such as temperature and pressure, and are therefore metamorphic rocks. Chinese rocks in different places differ in terms of metamorphism and some chemical constituents. Chinese stone often has large crystal stones. These large crystal stones distinguish Chinese rock from sedimentary carbonate rocks. In terms of the internal structure of the rock and the crystallization of the rock, one mine is different from another. Calcite is the main mineral that forms most of the Chinese rocks. Chinese rocks also contain minerals such as quartz, graphite, hematite, Simonite, perite, and so on. In some Chinese rocks there is quartz, which increases with increasing hardness. If the stone is perfectly pure, it is white and luminous. The color of light gray to black indicates the presence of carbonaceous materials. Water absorption in porcelain or crystalline limestone is usually less than 1%. In terms of strength, Chinese rocks are of medium strength. Chinese rock has a resistance between nineteen to one hundred Megapascals. Its average compressive strength is about 100 MPa.

Application of crystal stone in construction

Due to the fact that the stone creates a sound similar to the sound of Chinese porcelain, it is known as “Porcelain Stone” in Iran. Formerly the crystal stone as a building stone was greatly used as a main construction material in Iran later replaced by the travertine, marble and granite tiles & slabs due to lack of variety of stone. Recently, with the changing taste of customers, the use of this stone has a significant boom and is used in almost all spaces. Crystal stone applications include:

  • facade of the building, the
  • staircase
  • Staircase
  • floor of the interior spaces lobby
  • reception desk
  • bathroom, toilets
  • table and the cabinet

Features of crystal stone

  • Crystal stone is resistant to heat, cold and moisture. Therefore, this stone can be used with ease in the exterior of the building
  • Since this rock has a clear background, it is considered a thermal insulator against heat. It is welcomed by customers in the tropics.
  • Crystal stone, despite its large crystals, has the ability to transmit light.
  • Crystal rock has very low porosity, so it is resistant to water penetration. It is not damaged in such a way that it is exposed to water for a long time.
  • This stone has a long life of high strength and durability.
  • One of its most important features is the ability to engrave and create beautiful and eye-catching patterns and drawings without damage.

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