What are formatch and bookmatch slab stone?

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Familiarity with tile stone and the difference with slab stone
5 January, 2021
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Familiarity with the types and applications of formatch slab stone
13 February, 2021
سنگ اسلب فورمچ و بوک مچ|Stone slabs for bookmatch and formatch

Stone slabs for bookmatch and formatch

Bookmatch Slab Stones are the placement of two slab stones symmetrically, and if four slab stones are placed next to each other, they are called form slabs. The word bookmatch means open book. Because the way these slabs are placed next to each other is reminiscent of an open book or a symmetrical, it is called a bookbook slab. In the bookmatch mode, the stone motifs extend to the other plates and display a complete image of it. The term has recently entered the vocabulary of the stone market and is the result of advances in technology and technology in the stone industry.

Which stones can be processed in bookmatch and formatch?

Processing of Slabbook Match and Formatch stones starts from the same time as mining. After extraction and transfer of stone blocks to stone cutting factories, the stone is cut into 2 to 3 cm sheets by cutting machines. Eventually, the extracted rock will be slab-sized and then sanded symmetrically to create symmetrical designs.

Those stones that can be cut to the dimensions of slabs and have beautiful patterns and designs, can be processed as bookmatch. However, the stones have simple and uniform surface designs, and when they are placed together, a special design is not created. It does not have the ability to be processed as a bookmatch.

Natural stones that are processed in the form of a very special and dazzling bookmatch can be mentioned as follows:

  • onyx stones
  • Travertine stones
  • Granite stones
  • Porcelain or crystal stones
  • Some patterned marble stones

In general, granite stones and sandstone are not processed as bookmatch due to their uniformity and lack of design.

Match and form slab stone is used in which parts of the building?

The use of slabbook and stone slabs brings a special and eye-catching beauty to the sections and interior decoration of the building. The end result of installing these stones in the interior of homes will be very stunning and admirable. The best places to use slabbooks and formwork slabs are large halls and walkways. Because, there is enough space to put patterned tiles together and it creates a beautiful view. The most common applications of Slab Book Match and Formatch slabs are:

  • Decoration and decoration of luxury places
  • TV Room
  • Large and luxurious toilets
  • Paving the reception halls of the halls and lobbies of luxury hotels
  • Lobby wall covering of luxury buildings
  • The wall covering of the stairs of luxurious and luxurious buildings

Since the processing of this type of slab stones is difficult and requires modern cutting machines, so their price is higher and more expensive than other slab stones and it is often used in luxury construction projects.


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