The cause of dandruff and how to get rid of it

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2 November, 2021
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Preserving the appearance of the building is a special thing, but sometimes dandruff upsets the residents. This dandruff has nothing to do with the type of material and its quality and may occur for any material. Dandruff is found in all kinds of mortar and soil behind the rock and in many cases is quite normal because the rocks have compounds such as sodium and calcium sulfate and manganese sulfate that cause white and on the rock. Evaporation of water behind the rock also causes the deposition of salt and mineral salts that cause dandruff and whiteness. These salts may be present in the cement mortar.

The cause of dandruff

It causes salinity in the rock, because it transfers the mineral salts and salts to the surface of the rock. The lower the density of the rock and the more porosity it has, the faster and easier it is to transfer to the rock surface. In general, three environmental factors, the low density of the rock and the presence of soluble salts in the mortar behind the rock and the mineral salts in the rock composition cause dandruff on the surface of the rock. The type of water consumed is one of the factors affecting dandruff, for example, water with more salts such as well water and aqueduct causes more dandruff.

Prevent dandruff

To prevent dandruff and white stone, there are the following methods:

  • Do not use mortar to install stones and use dry method to install them, which is connected in the form of screws and plates.
  • Use washed sand
  • Do not use sand with salt or sulfated compounds
  • Using epoxy resin to make the stones impermeable, which makes it shiny and beautiful
  • The use of materials that have water repellent properties are many things that significantly reduce water absorption.

How to get rid of dandruff

To get rid of dandruff, you must first wait about 15 days for the stone to dry completely. To remove dandruff, methods that are used temporarily and after a while the stone dandruff returns again, such as washing the stone with water and using a brush that returns after the saline water dries. Another factor to consider is whether dandruff is on the outside or on the back, then it should be done. There are other methods that he mentions below:

Use sandpaper, a tissue, or a grinder to rub the surface of the stone, but this method is not very convenient as it may cause scratches and scratches on the stone.

  • Detergent products such as salt ink which is a very good and usable method. To use salt ink, it must be diluted with water and poured on a rock.
  • After dissolving dandruff, hydrophobic materials can be used for its durability.

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