Is Dehbid marble the best floor stone?

سنگ معرق سنگ کف|mosaic stone
Using mosaic stone to beautify the floor of the hall
10 July, 2021
انواع سنگ دهبید و نقش آن در ساختمان سازی|Types of Dehbid stone and its role in construction
Types of Dehbid stone and its role in construction
21 September, 2021
آیا بهترین سنگ کف، سنگ دهبید است؟|is dehbid marble the best floor stone

Floor stone

Stone flooring adds natural beauty and elegance to any room. Natural stone can easily beautify the home space. Floor stone is extracted and processed directly from in-ground mines and with its special natural diversity, it makes unique everywhere. Natural stone is a great choice due to its durability and beauty. These stones have an expensive and convenient appearance and are very easy to maintain and clean. Due to the beauty and durability of the stones, these stones are very suitable for high-traffic areas.

Floor stone can be used indoors or outdoors. The stones come in different sizes, colors. That is why there is a suitable stone for every decoration taste, traditional or modern. There is a wide range of stones, including travertine, marble, granite, slate, etc.

What is Dehbid stone?

There are different types of marble stones, one of which is Dehbid stone, which is named after the area where this stone is located. Dehbid is a region in Fars province, located 200 km away from Shiraz city. Cream marble is the most abundant stone in this area. Dehbid stone is a high quality stone that is used in addition to Iran in other countries, including the Persian Gulf and European countries.

The process of processing this stone is such that first this stone is extracted from the mine, then it is sent to stone cutting workshops, which is cut into slabs with a special saw and then it is sanded.

Dehbid stone is the best stone for floor due to having the following characteristics:

Low water absorption: Rock water absorption is approximately 0.15%, so it can be used in toilets and humid environments. This property increases the life of the stone.

Slight porosity: The porosity of this rock is about 0.4% and is very low.

High strength: This stone has a high compressive strength and does not suffer from wear and tear, in addition, it has very good sand resistance during processing.

Beauty and variety of colors: Due to having various colors with light and dark spectrum, it can be used in different designs and tastes. The color of the rock and the mineral from which the stone is extracted is important. The transparency of the stone reflects light and makes good use of natural light.

Excellent quality for export: The strength of this stone against cracking is very high and its fragility is low, and due to its color variety, it is an ideal product for export.

Types of Dehbid stones

Original Dehbid stone
Shayan stone
Aryan stone
Angurak stone
Samin stone
Chah morghi stone
Hassanabad stone
Dehbid Zarei stone
Dehbid Persian White Stone


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