Familiarity with wood design stones and its use

marble stone
What spaces can marble be used for?
21 May, 2024
آیا بهترین سنگ کف، سنگ دهبید است؟|is dehbid marble the best floor stone
Is Dehbid marble the best floor stone?
9 June, 2024
marble stone
What spaces can marble be used for?
21 May, 2024
آیا بهترین سنگ کف، سنگ دهبید است؟|is dehbid marble the best floor stone
Is Dehbid marble the best floor stone?
9 June, 2024
سنگ طرح چوب|wood design stones

since humans set foot on the planet, wood has been the first vital material for building basic tools and building homes. Woods are always considered by many architects and decoration designers due to their beauty and transfer of warmth and intimacy.

Wood is one of the most valuable natural resources. Therefore, by destroying the trees, the ecosystem will face many crises. In addition, the use of wood is associated with disadvantages such as increased risk of fire, durability and short life, high vulnerability and high cost.

One of the best ways to protect the environment, not to cut down trees and destroy forests is to use wood plan stones or sandstone. Because it is very similar in appearance to the wood of trees. This type of natural stone is reminiscent of beautiful and warm nature. The high adaptability of wood design stone to the environment has made it one of the types of building stones inside and outside.

wood design stones or sandstone

Wood design building stones are one of the most widely used building materials today. Wood design stone (sandstone or sandstone) is one of the types of calcareous sedimentary rocks that are composed of very small minerals. Most sandstones are made of calcium carbonate, silica, iron oxide, and dolomite, and over time have been formed by the deposition of minerals in rivers or seas under pressure. Sandstones come in a variety of colors depending on the impurities in the minerals, but are commonly found in brown, tan, yellow, red, gray, pink, white, and black. Sandstone stone beautifully depicts a sandy design with beautiful waves.

Intrinsic properties of wood design stone

  • Wood design stones have a soft or rough texture depending on their raw material.
  • Wood design stone is very resistant to cold and frost.
  • This rock is porous and has a relatively high water absorption.
  • Wood design stone has excellent resistance to weather changes and weathering.
  • It does not have the ability to be polished due to its clay minerals. It is therefore processed as an ax, bush hammer, leather, windbreaker and guillotine.
  • Wood design stone has a reasonable and affordable price.


The most common uses of wood design stone are:

  • Outdoor floor stone
  • Decorative and interior decoration
  • Stone TV Roman Room
  • Construction of fireplace, water fountain
  • Making stone artifacts
  • the facade of building
  • Wall covering the interior parts of the building

If this stone is used as a facade stone of a building, it will undoubtedly produce the most beautiful and eye-catching exterior.

As these stones are vulnerable to acidic detergents, they are not suitable for stair treads, lobby paving, and catering and restrooms. In addition, it does not easily adhere to mortar and grout and stone scoops should be used when installing the facade.

Types of sandstone stones

Sandstone wood design: This stone has a color spectrum of mustard, brown, gray and white. The most common use of sandstone is wood design for exterior facades and interior walls. The mine is located in the central province of Mahallat.

Sandstone crawl design: This stone has a bright and white color spectrum. It has different quality degrees. Crawl design sandstone is used in stairwells, skylights, decorative stone, parking wall stones and exterior facades. Sindh Stone Coral mine is located in Fars province.


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