Introducing the types of Traonyx stones and its benefits

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5 February, 2024
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6 February, 2024
types of Traonyx stones


The traonyx stone is mix of travertine and onyx and consists of minerals such as aragonite clastic and iron carbonate. This stone has the properties and characteristics of both travertine and marble. Traonics is found in both travertine and marble mines. The basis of the formation of travertine stone is that if travertine stone does not have the conditions to change and become marble under climatic conditions, it is formed as a composite rock. Therefore, Traonix rock is a semi-metamorphic sedimentary rock. Traonyx has a special and unique property from both type of stone that is passing light from part of onyx material but the other part would not and illustrate travertine material. This stone has high resistance and water absorption is low and another analys is nearly travertine and onyx stones. Traonyx stone supply to form of wavy and cross can be use at all of interior and exterior design.

As One of the it’s feature can beckon to ability of passing the light.The price of this stone depend on thickness,size and colour .it’s colour variation is black,white,gray,red. . Iran is rich in Traonyx Quarries.


  • Wall and floor applications
  • The facade of building
  • Mosaic
  • Fountains
  • pool and wall capping
  • Countertops

Types of Traonyx

Karmania Traonyx

Karmania is one of the most popular and beautiful natural stones of Iran, this stone is used inside and outside. A mixture of White, gray and brown colors can be seen in Karmania Traonyx background.

Forest Traonics:

Forest Traonics stone is one of the types of limestone is relatively altered. In other word, this kind of stone is combination of travertine and marble stone. Origin of this stone is located in Isfahan province and the heart of Iran. Forest Traonics stone has brown background with dark and bright models. This stone is processed in Slab dimension, cabinet, volume, tabular, longitudinal, plaque and stair.

Wooden Traonyx

The reason for naming this stone as Wooden Tronyx is its appearance similar to wood, which has a brown background.The most important and obvious feature of this stone is the ability of light to pass. Other features of this stone include very low water absorption abrasion resistance and abrasion capability. This stone, like other members of the Traonix family, can be used indoors and outdoors.

Traonyxs Mahallat:

This stone has a cream color background with a hint of light brown and beige colors.  Traonyx of local areas is cut in two forms, Waveless and wavy. The distinctive feature of this stone is the passage of light through its marble part. This stone is mostly used in interior design such as lobby walls, bathrooms and stone artifacts. Traonyx Mahallat stone mine is located in Markazi province.

Yazd Travonyx:

Yazd Travonyx stone has a yellowish cream color theme with white and brown streaks. The yellow and brown veins of this stone are made of travertine and the white veins are made of marble. This stone, like other members of the Travony collection, has the ability to transmit light and be used in all indoor and outdoor spaces. It is also cut in two forms, wavy and Waveless.


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