Introducing different types of travertine stone and their advantages

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Travertine is an especially attractive form of limestone that forms around mineral spring deposits. Its fibrous, marble-like texture and attractive earth-tone colors make it one of the most popular stones used for building materials. Historically, much of the travertine used in architecture and artwork came from the mountains of Italy, but today, most of the travertine sold is from Turkey, Iran, Mexico, and Peru.

Application and benefits of travertine

Travertine tiles can be used on floors and interior walls, such as patios, garden paths. While it’s commonly used for flooring, you can also feature versatile travertine tile in a bathroom shower, a kitchen countertop and backsplash, or even a garden pathway.However, like any mined material, travertine has innate characteristics that may mean it isn’t the right fit for every homeowner.

  • Unique Style
  • Very Durable
  • Dense, low porosity, scalability and color fastness
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Easily Repaired
  • Versatility
  • A Cost-Effective Option

Types of travertine

Atashkoh: The background is white and light cream. It is the best and highest quality travertine stone in Iran, which is very famous in the world. Atashkooh travertine stone has various applications in the building, such as: main and exterior facades of classic or modern buildings, walls and interior facades, landscaping and decorative.

Tree trunk: This type of travertine stone is known as walnut travertine in the market because of its similarity to the color of walnut skin. This stone has a very high resistance to cold, heat and slippery. It is mostly used in interior, exterior and floor of buildings.

Haji abad abrobad: Haji abad abrobad travertine stone has a cream background with scattered white spots. This stone can withstand any weather conditions. Hajiabad travertine stone has various applications in the building, including: interior and exterior of the building, parking paving, landscaping, decorative.

Bright Haji abad: The most famous and most widely used building facade stone is Hajiabad bright travertine. One of the important features of this stone is that its color does not change over time and remains constant. Haji Abad Roshan There are light and dark cream white backgrounds. Uses of Hajiabad cream travertine: interior and exterior of the building, classic and modern facades, margins, stairs and decorative.

Russet Takab: travertine stone has a unique and special color. This unique stone has a brown background with white streaks. Interior facade and interior walls, landscaping and decorative.

Khalkhal: One of the types of travertine stones is Khalkhal stone, which has a chocolate cream color spectrum. Khalkhal stone, like other members of the travertine family, is used in the interior and exterior of the building.

Leather heater valley: This type of travertine stone is one of the best types of natural stone in terms of quality and quality. The Light Heater Valley travertine stone has a white and cream background. Its most used include: facades and interior walls of luxury buildings, stairs, parking floors and lobbies.

Bright heater valley: Bright heater valley travertine is one of the best travertine stones for use in building facades in terms of quality and light background. Its main application is in the exterior of the building.

Screw wave heater valley: This stone is the most famous and popular travertine stones in Iran. The reason for naming it the Peach Wave Heater Valley is the observation of irregular dark brown waves on the white and cream background of this stone. Application of valley travertine stone in the building: interior and exterior of commercial and office residential buildings, landscaping and decorative.

Silver Maraghe Leather: This type of travertine is more calcareous than other types. It is therefore flexible and malleable. For this reason, it is processed into leather. The best and most common use of Maragheh Silver Travertine is in the facade and interior walls of the building.

Torogh: Torgh travertine is one of the most widely used building facade stones. This stone has a cream and chocolate color spectrum. Application of cream travertine stone: interior and exterior walls of the building, paving and grounds.

Abbas abad: Abbasabad travertine stone is one of the best travertines in the world in terms of beauty, light color, very high resistance, excellent sand resistance and unique design. Its applications in the building are: the exterior of residential and office buildings, the lower base of the walls of corridors and stairs, insulation and covering the main and secondary columns of large buildings and the floor of office and residential buildings.

Kashan: Kashan travertine stone, with chocolate brown color theme, is one of the highest quality travertines in the world. Kashan chocolate travertine has various applications in the building, including: main and exterior facades of classic and modern buildings, interior facades, parking paving, landscaping and construction of stone artifacts.

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