Familiarity with different types of black granite and its applications

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What is granite?

Granite is made from the cooling of masses of molten material. The stone used in the construction industry is internal igneous rocks. This stone is known as thorn stone, which differs from outer igneous rocks in that its shape is outer igneous rocks in the form of stone. Granite is one of the heaviest stones. Iran has the best granite stones that after processing and production, these stones enter the domestic and global market.

What are the colors of granite?

Granite is available in different colors from pink to gray and black, each of which is due to the presence of different minerals in this stone. The black color of granite is due to the presence of biotite and hornblende minerals. The amount of these minerals and their type have a great effect on the strength of the rocks and increasing the presence of these minerals makes the color of the rocks darker.

What are the best black granite stones?

Black granite is mined from different mines and the texture and color of granite is different in each region. The best black granite mines are: Natanz granite, Piranshahr granite, Tuyserkan black granite.

Natanz black granite stone has a black background and has white lines and light knots. This stone is very hard and durable and exists from the city of Natanz in Isfahan province. This type of black granite stone is one of the most beautiful granite stones. This stone is the most expensive type of granite.

Piranshahr black granite is extracted from its mines located in Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan, which has a very high resistance to heat and also does not remove scratches.

Tuyserkan black granite is one of the most expensive stones in Iran, the color of which is very black and it is called eye tears and it is extracted from the mines of Tuyserkan city.

What are the uses of black granite?

Granite is one of the building stones that has good and very strong strength. This stone has a long life and is resistant to destructive factors. Due to the properties of this stone, it can be used in all parts of the building. Black granite is used in the exterior of the building as the facade of the building and in the interior such as stairs, walls, floors, cabinets, toilets, sidewalks, etc., but black granite has been less used in the facade of the building in recent years. Black granite is also widely used in public places such as commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, parking lots. In addition to the above, granite can be used in combination with other materials and it can be used in different environments.

What are the most important features of black granite?

Black granite has the following characteristics:

  • Resistance to variable weather conditions such as wind, dust, rain
  • Resistance to air pollution
  • Scratch and impact resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Water resistance
  • Cold resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Resistance to sunlight
  • Has a good adhesion to mortar
  • Variety in texture and color
  • Unique beauty and its smooth and even surface


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