Benefits of using stone in building facades

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استفاده از سنگ در نمای ساختمان|using stone in building facades

Benefits of using stone in building facades

Building facades form a large part of our first impression and are often taken at face value. For the visitors & occupants, they can offer much more than visual appeal. Natural stone is a basic building material used for facades from hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, it is important to build a sustainable home using green products. In this case, natural stone is the most ecological solution, with a lot of benefits for your facades. Don’t miss them!


Natural stone is durable and fireproof. While some houses tend to crumble into ruins, well-built stone facades will stand for centuries. You can rebuild the facade from the original stone structure. Furthermore, natural stone is maintenance-free. There’ll be no need of paint and no expensive siding to install. Stone is one of the most chosen masonry materials because it is the most durable, strong and weather resistant masonry material out there. Stone does not warp, swell, bend, splinter, or dent making it a great choice for building in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic or day to day activities. Stone can also be used in any weathered environment as stone is not affected by wind, rain, hails, sleet or snow.

Proper insulation against air temperature

Natual stone is environmentally friendly because stone’s thermal mass provides natural insulation, which helps the planet and your energy bills. A large thermal mass within the insulated portion of a house can serve to «flatten out» the daily temperature fluctuations. The thermal mass will absorb thermal energy when the surroundings are higher in temperature than the mass, and give thermal energy back when the surroundings are cooler.


Whether you are looking to re-sale your home or want to revamp any home area, the first impression which upgrades the best offers is the ROI. Many homeowners think that natural stone is expensive than any other material, but they often missed its properties and values: durability, resistance, beauty… Increase your home value with a natural stone facade!

Building protection

Protection from Elements – High wind speeds associated with severe storms are the most widely recognized threat to the building skin, with damage resulting from high-winds and the impact of airborne debris.

Aesthetic Appeal

Another reason why stone is such a popular masonry choice is for its aesthetic appeal. Natural Stone allows to implement from the most innovative designs as we have already shown to the most classic and traditional styles. The huge variety of rocks from all over the World, plus the different finishes, sizes, format and elements able to be manufactured with natural stone turn into reality anything you want to perform with stone.


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