What is the most used of Azna stone in construction?

انواع سنگ دهبید و نقش آن در ساختمان سازی|Types of Dehbid stone and its role in construction
Types of Dehbid stone and its role in construction
21 September, 2021
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10 October, 2021
بیشترین کاربرد سنگ ازنا در ساختمان سازی|the most used of Azna stone in construction

Azna stone

Azna porcelain stone is a type of calcareous dolomitic stones. This stone is extracted from a city of the same name in Lorestan province, which is located 24 km away from Dorud city, and is processed in the form of tiles, stairs, slabs, etc. This stone is one of the most widely used stones in the building sector.

The design and pattern of this stone is very beautiful, has a white background and irregular lines of gray and black. It is a crystalline stone and therefore very polished and transparent, which reflects light well.

Azna porcelain stone, which is very high quality, is known as Azna super porcelain stone or Arbab stone (stone master) , which has a uniform surface, the least streaks and waves, the most transparency and is completely polished, and is known as one of the most expensive white porcelain stones.

Factors that affect the price of stone

Appearance of the stone: The whiter, clearer and fewer lines this stone has, it has a higher price, in other words, the more expensive it becomes. the higher the purity of the stone, the more expensive it becomes.

Thickness and dimensions: The thickness of this stone is about 20 mm and it is possible to cut it to thicknesses of about 16 and 19 mm. Thicknesses over 20 mm are often used for export and are more expensive. Larger dimensions of this stone are relatively more expensive and have a higher price.

Stone processing: The quality of stone processing also affects the price, so that the higher the quality of sawing and cutting, the higher the price.

In general, Azna stone has good resistance to abrasion, corrosion, mild heat and its porosity is very low and has a smooth surface, also its water absorption is very low. This stone has more quality and better price compared to similar foreign stones.


According to the characteristics of Azna stone, this stone can be used in the following cases:

  • Pavement of the floor of the rooms, hall and reception
  • Interior spaces of the building
  • Entrance space of luxury buildings
  • Lobby and lounge
  • Hotels, shopping malls and luxury stores
  • Counters and counters of public centers
  • inside the kitchen
  • Cupboards
  • Baths and toilets
  • Outdoor space, landscaping, parking, space construction
  • Stairs and under stairs, steps and stair walls

This stone can be used for various purposes and is also suitable for temperate climates. This stone can also be used for the exterior of the building, but due to its low adhesion, more mortar should be used to hold it.

This stone is suitable for the kitchen due to its high heat resistance and resistance to acidic and chemical substances, as well as abrasion resistance.

Most used

Due to the smoothness and transparency of this stone and its good light reflection and its relatively good abrasion and flexural resistance, this stone is very suitable for the interior of buildings. Due to the similarity of this stone to white marble, this stone is used in lower cost projects instead of marble, which is a more expensive stone. Also, this stone, with its unique modern and white color in its bookmatch and four match design, gives a special beauty to the building, and for this reason, it is most used on the floor.


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