Types of Dehbid stone and its role in construction

آیا بهترین سنگ کف، سنگ دهبید است؟|is dehbid marble the best floor stone
Is Dehbid marble the best floor stone?
13 September, 2021
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انواع سنگ دهبید و نقش آن در ساختمان سازی|Types of Dehbid stone and its role in construction

Dehbid stone

Dehbid stone is a member of marble stones collection and a very widely used building stone in the interior decoration of residential and commercial buildings. Among the different types of natural stone, Dehbid has the largest share of stone exports due to its high quality and reasonable price. Dehbid stone is often processed in the form of slabs and large slabs. This stone is one of the world-famous Iranian marbles and is known as one of the most popular building luxury stones.

Dehbid has different types and includes a variety of colors from light to dark. The magical and exclusive beauty of this stone has always been considered by interior decoration architects and contractors of luxury construction projects.

Types of Dehbid stone types

Dehbid has different varieties. The sorting of this stone depends on the amount of impurities and its color. The excellent variety of this stone has high quality and stunning beauty. The different varieties of this stone are:

light Dehbid
panther Dehbid
dark Dehbid

light Dehbid is the priority of most building architects as the floor stone of the building. As the name implies, this stone has a clear background. Therefore, using it for the floor of the building can play an important role in illuminating the interior of the building. This type of stone is often produced in slab dimensions. It is interesting to know that this stone is equal to Late Turkish stone in terms of quality and beauty.

panther Dehbid is often the focus of tastes and opinions of certain people. This stone can be used for special projects. This stone is also produced in slab dimensions and other sizes.

Dark Dehbid has a stunning and special beauty among Iranian stones with a dark background. This stone is also comparable in every way with the imported Emperador marble.

Place of extraction of Dehbid stone and its types

Dehbid stone mine is located in Fars province, 20 km from Dehbid city. You can find all kinds of Dehbid stones in Zomorodin nama store. There are different types of this marble, which are:

Original Dehbid stone
Shayan Dehbid
Aryan Dehbid
Angurak Dehbid
Chah morghi Dehbd
Hassan Abad
Persian white

One of the most important features of this marble is its high reproducibility and transparency. This rock has a very high molecular density index, therefore, it has a very high abrasion resistance. Also, due to the high density and compaction of this rock, its high strength and water absorption are very low. The low porosity of this stone and the use of special processes on it, increases the strength of this stone. The compressive strength of this stone is three times higher than other members of the marble family.

Application and role of Dehbid in interior design

Dehbid is often referred to as a decorative stone. One of the reasons for this is the high compatibility of this stone in interior decoration design. This glorious stone gives a special grandeur and charm to the building. This stone can be used in almost all interior parts of the building.

The most important application of this marble is its use as a floor stone in a variety of construction projects, including the lobby floor of hotels, luxury commercial, office and residential units. Dehbid cream or light due to its lighting capability, brings a special and unique effect to the interior of the building. The use of this stone with a dark background for flooring stairs and staircases in luxury reception halls is another application of this stone. In summary, the uses of this stone can be described as follows:

Hotel lobby floor stone
Floor stone of stylish commercial and residential units
interior view
Stairs floor stone
Parking floor stone
Lobby walls and interiors

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