Tips to consider before buying a stone

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Important points before buying stones

Nothing is considered stronger than rocks. Natural stones are natural material derived from the mines. Though they perform higher than any other man-made artificial material, they come with imperfections and dissimilarities. The selection of tile and stone can be difficult, confusing even overwhelming. There are hundreds and hundreds of choices. Therefore, it is better to consider the tips before buying the stone, to get the best result. You will get acquainted with these points in the following.

Convenience with location

Not all stones are suitable or best for every type of application. For example, some stones are good for countertops while some are good for rough patio surfaces. Never make a mistake of buying stones just by their beauty. Consult the seller or your contract for the right stone for the purpose. Our sales consultants help our buyers in picking the most appropriate stone as per use and requirement.

Protection and maintenance

Though stones are very durable and go strong for millions of years, its maintenance can definitely enhance its looks and increase its life. Try to keep the stoned and marble surfaces and counter tops protected from stains, spills, acidic liquids and food, and sharp objects. Also, avoid keeping hot pans directly on the kitchen tops. You may also get a professional cleaning and maintenance services to provide your stones with a professional care once in a while.

Consider the type of processing

Stones and marbles are available in avariety of finishes. Natural stones are available as polished or flamed or brushed. Polished stones have glossy look and they are good for furniture tops, kitchen tops, floor tiling, and walls. However, polished stones are not good for outer or inner landscapes. Stones with leathered finish offer matte finish look.


One of the biggest mistakes made in tile selection is choosing a stone or tile that is not suited for the traffic or usage it will be subjected to. Some marbles are very soft and should not be used in any area that will have to endure high traffic. A softer marble in a busy hotel lobby is a poor choice but may work well in a residential foyer.

Resistance to acidic substances

If you must use marble on a well-used kitchen countertop, be sure to seal it properly to inhibit staining agents from being able to seep in. The more absorbent the tile or stone, the more likely it will stain if not sealed. Etching, on the other hand is caused from acidic liquids coming in contact with acid-sensitive stones. Marble is rarely recommended for a kitchen because of its acid sensitivity.


Unfortunately cost is usually the deciding factor when selecting tile or stone. Cost can also be very misleading. An inexpensive stone or tile may fit into your budget, but if it wears easily the cost of restoration, repair or replacement often will ultimately be more costly than not. Thoroughly investigate the maintenance requirements of the selected tile paypal viagra. Shop around and ask a lot of questions.


It is astonishing how many injuries occur each year due to slipping and falling. When choosing tile or stone, be sure it is not slippery.

Water absorption

A real stone irrespective of whether it is exterior or interior natural stone tiles, will not take in water even to a slight extent. This is why they are used these days in wet surfaces like bathrooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzis and even other areas, where wetness is highly possible. When an individual is looking to purchase other types of tiles for his bathroom, the water absorption capacity should be checked.

Resistance to weather

Some types of floor tiles are chemically and synthetically designed. But, exterior natural stone tiles have the innate ability to withstand even tough weather conditions. When a homeowner opts for the one with inferior quality, rain, sleet, snow and wind can cause serious damage to his property. On the other hand, greater protection can be obtained when the right natural stone tile is selected for the exterior installation.


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