Familiarity with the types and applications of formatch slab stone

سنگ اسلب فورمچ و بوک مچ|Stone slabs for bookmatch and formatch
What are formatch and bookmatch slab stone?
25 January, 2021
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Familiarity with different types of black marble
17 February, 2021
انواع سنگ فورمچ و کاربرد آن|types and applications of formatch slab stone

Formatch slabs

The general design of formwork is such that the four slab stone designs must be related to each other and lead to a single design. Also, when they are put together, a four-piece puzzle is associated with the viewer. These four pieces of slab stone, both horizontally and vertically, must be symmetrical to each other.

Forming slab stone production process

Natural rocks extracted from the heart of mines undergo a complex process to become slab rock. These stones are cut very carefully by skilled people with the help of modern machines. The slab should be cut in such a way that the thickness of each piece of stone is between 2 to 3 cm.

After cutting the stones in the form of slabs, it is time to produce its shape, which is related to polishing or sub-stone. The sub-sanding stage is also very important and requires a lot of care because the degree of opacity or transparency has a great impact on customers and their tastes. In the third step, the bookmatch format should be placed next to each other so that each piece of slab stone is in line with each other in terms of shape and design. In other words, during installation, when the lines of one design are completed, the next lines continue in another piece.

Types of Form Slab Stones

Natural stones that can be processed in the form of are:

  • marble or onyx stones
  • Travertine stones
  • Porcelain or crystal stones
  • Some patterned marble stones

Application of Formatch Slab Stone

Form slab stone is used in very large and large halls. It is not appropriate to use formwork slab stone in a small space. Often such patterned slab stones can be used in the waiting rooms of private hospitals, lobbies, commercial, recreational or residential complexes, and in total in cases where the minimum area is more than 50 square meters, to clearly design and display the slab formatch design.

Slab stone due to its inherent beauty and elegance is able to transform the interior and decorative space of the building. The patterned slab stone is like a unique painting that has been drawn flawlessly by the creator of beautiful and pristine nature. One of the most important parts that can have a significant impact on home decoration is the LCD wall or TV RAM. This part is often the center of everyone’s attention. The idea of ​​using formwork slab stone in this space is very exciting.

Another space that can be greatly influenced by the beauty of formwork slabs is the heart of the house, the kitchen, which can be used in both countertops and kitchen wall coverings.

Advantages of Formatch Slab Wall Coverings

  • No corrosion and abrasion
  • Beautiful and diverse designs
  • Anti-scratch and anti-impact
  • Impenetrable to water and washable
  • Fireproofing
  • Lighting capability
  • Easy to transport and install

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