Familiarity with different types of black marble

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Familiarity with the types and applications of formatch slab stone
13 February, 2021
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14 June, 2021
آشنایی با سنگ مرمریت مشکی|black marble

Marble stone

Today, compared to previous years, natural stones have become one of the main elements in the design and layout of homes and interior decoration. Among natural stones, black marble stones have a special place in creating beauty and splendor due to their inherent characteristics. These stones can be used in different parts of the interior of the building.

It is undeniable that black marble always gives a touch of elegance and exclusivity to any environment. Its background, black like the night, reveals the presence of fossils with millions of years of history. This is the soul of Royal Black marble. A material as ancient as it is long-lasting, as elegant as it is timeless. a name that leaves no room for doubt. A black marble with infinite depth and a noble and aristocratic quality that radiates royalty. As classic as they come, Black is the color most commonly associated to luxury and elegance. As a sombre color, it is recommended only for use in well lit rooms and wide spaces, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


  • Resistance to fire and heat
  • Polished
  • natural textures
  • variety and color richness
  • Historical
  • Very high strength and resistance to any possible damage such as impact and scratches Insignificant
  • water absorption

What is Black Marble?

Marble rocks are the result of recrystallization of calcium carbonate and minerals such as clay, mica, etc., which undergo a very high temperature and high pressure in the subsoil layers and eventually become marble. Black or black marble goes through the same process. However, the presence of carbonaceous compounds causes darkening and black color in black marble stones. Black marble is one of the most successful building materials in building facades, especially interior decoration. One of the positive features of black is that it can be used in both classic and contemporary designs. Black marble can convey a sense of calm and originality. In addition to its beautiful and magnificent appearance, black marble is economical and cost-effective and has many applications in the decoration and interior of the building. Of course, the price of this type of stone depends on factors such as dimensions, color purity, thickness and type. It is worth mentioning that one of the best and most widely used slab stones is black marble, which is more widely welcomed by architects and construction contractors today in the design of our interior design than in the past. Slab black marble stones are often used in large spaces. Since there are bright white, gold or silver streaks on the surface of black marble stones, they can be processed as bookmatch and formatch. The use of black marble with a stone and another color, such as brown or gold crystal stones, creates a unique effect.

Types of black marble

The most famous and best-selling black marble stones include the following:

  • 3D Black
  • Ice Flower
  • Black Art
  • President
  • Dehbid Black Spider
  • Golden Black
  • Mahalat black golden
  • Golden Galaxy
  • Marshall
  • Black Mako
  • Marble Black Birjand
  • Black Mako Najaf Abad
  • Oshin

Applications of black marble

Kitchen decoration: In kitchens that have a large space, black marble can be used as a stone behind the cabinet, sink, stone on the counter and kitchen table. Flooring: One of the most important uses of black marble is to use it as a lobby floor and large reception halls. Architects often use this stone to enhance the splendor of luxury buildings and large and famous shopping malls. In addition to the above, black marble can be used in the following spaces:

  • Making decorative stone artifacts
  • Elevator margins and frames
  • Wall cornice
  • Stairs and escalators of the building



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