Types of decorative stone application


5 January, 2021
آشنایی با سنگ تایل|Familiarity with tile stone

Familiarity with tile stone and the difference with slab stone

There is only one building material that has stood the test of time, from humanity’s primitive beginnings to […]
21 December, 2020
سنگ کف پارکینگ|the best parking floor stones

What are the best parking floor stones and what are their characteristics?

parking floor stone Tiles play a decisive role in determining the overall aesthetics and functionality of your parking […]
15 December, 2020
سنگ دیوار اسلب|slab home wall stone

What slabs should we use for home wall stone ?

Slab stone The special place of natural stone in interior design is indisputable today. Even minimalist decor that […]
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