What is the best marble for flooring?

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What is marble?

Marble is a type of hard crystalline metamorphic rock from limestone, so that calcareous sedimentary rock has hardened and crystallized over time under high pressure and heat. The stones are usually white marble with colored spots or streaks that may be polished and used in construction or sculpture. Due to its characteristics, marble is one of the most used stones for building flooring. This stone has a suitable thickness and processing, which is one of the most standard options for hall and reception hall flooring of residential buildings, room flooring, lobby, commercial and office units, stair treads and footstools.

What are the types of marble?

Marble is available in different designs and colors and its variety is very large, which are very suitable for building flooring, and some of these stones are:

  • Dehbid marble
  • Persian Silk Marble
  • Cappuccino marble
  • Laster marble

Each of these types of marble stones, according to the design and role or the mineral from which they are extracted, are divided into different categories.

What are the characteristics of flooring stone?

Flooring stone has different types according to the type of use of the place that is used, which should be considered. For commercial spaces, hotels, houses or lobby halls, etc., stone appropriate to the same place should be used. In general, flooring should be compatible with the space, have sufficient durability and strength, and be easily prepared. In addition, flooring stone should have low water absorption and while maintaining its beauty, cleaning and maintenance should be simple and easy. Marble is one of the best options for flooring due to its characteristics such as suitable thickness and good processing, and among all types of marble, Dehbid marble is the best choice for flooring, both indoors and outdoors such as lobbies. , Staircase, hall, etc.

Why Dehbid stone is the best marble for flooring?

Dehbid stone is the best marble for flooring because it has all these characteristics. Dehbid stone is a high quality stone that is available in a variety of colors and designs, this stone after mining is best processed and cut into different sizes. The strength of Dehbid stone has made it resistant to cracking and does not suffer from traffic, which is a good option for high-traffic areas such as lobbies and corridors. This stone has a very low permeability and its moisture absorption is very low, which is suitable for sanitary services. Its color range from light to dark includes a variety of colors that can be best depending on the taste and location used. The transparency of Dehbid stone allows you to use natural light. Dehbid stone is one of the best export floor stones due to its characteristics.


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