What are the differences between marble and onyx?

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25 November, 2020
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تفاوت سنگ مرمریت و سنگ مرمر|differences between marble and onyx

Natural stone

stones divided into three parts : sedimentary . igneous and metamorphic rocks. Onyx is metamorphic rock but marble is sedimentary rock.

Marble stone

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. Marble is a metamorphic rock found in the mountainous regions of most countries of the world.

the main mineral of Marble is calcite and sometimes aragonite with dolomitewhich the texture is like sugar. calcite is recrystallize of calcium carbonate. the pure marble is white. but with adding of some minerals like: hematite, limonite , quartz, carbon and clay mineral it could be turns to red, green, yellow, pink, blue and …

Intrinsic properties of marble

  • Proper resistance to fire and erosion
  • Low porosity
  • Relatively low water absorption
  • Very high resistance to moisture and weathering
  • Pressure resistance
  • Ability to subscribe
  • The various of marble stone

according to metamorphic grades, marbles is divided into 2 groups

Porcelain stone: A type of marble that has an all-crystalline texture with fine and fine-grained grains. This type occurs in areas where the intensity of change is less.

Crystal stone: This type of stone has all crystalline texture with coarse grains and the same size. Crystal sync occurs in logic where the intensity of change is medium to high.

Cloud Stone: A marble stone that has non-parallel lines with a light and dark background that gives it a cloudy look. This type of rock forms in areas where the intensity of metamorphism occurs at very high temperatures.

Application of marble

  • Columns
  • Wall Plugs
  • Kitchen cabinets and counters
  • fireplace
  • Floor Covering
  • Table and chairs
  • Stairs
  • Toilets


Onyx is a sedimentary rock, formed as stalactites and stalagmites in cave interiors. the main composition of onyx is calcite crystal with purity of 99 percent. While granite, quartzite, and marble are all forged deep within the earth’s crust, onyx is born right on the surface. Onyx forms from spring water or groundwater that has an abundance of calcite dissolved in it. When this water emerges at the mouth of a spring, the minerals precipitate out and build a crust of calcite crystals. Over time, more water flows by and more minerals settle out. The variations between the layers are caused by differences in the water flow rate and small amounts of impurities. In its most pure state calcite is white or clear, but it’s easily tinted by minor amounts of other minerals.

In sculpture onyx with high purity and transference are used. which is used as lightening . onyx with impure substance could change the color of onyx. this impure substance are iron oxide , silice , mica , serpantine and graphit which could change the color of onyx into green , purple , pink , yellow , red , grey and black

The most common color of onyx is a warm honey color, which is caused by iron oxide. The flowing layers of onyx reflect subtle variations in the spring water, and add an artistic quality to the patterns and bands. Slabs of onyx are made by slicing down into the layers, revealing thousands of years of deposits.

Intrinsic properties of onyx stone

  • high density
  • lack of porosity
  • smooth and polished surface
  • very low water absorption
  • extremely high abrasability
  • light transmission
  • lack of heat absorption.

Application of onyx

  • Lighting in a luxurious space
  • Living room wall covering
  • Kitchen counter and countertop
  • Luxury toilets
  • stuffs and sculptures

The difference between marble and onyx

An interesting quality of onyx is its lack of opacity. Onyx is more translucent than marble, making it a great stone for lighting or for creative purposes like a backlit wall or surface that casts a glow and enhances the stone’s patterns.

Onyx is commercially classified as a sibling to marble because these two stones have the same mineral content. Onyx is made of calcite, which is the same mineral that makes up limestone, marble, and travertine.

the main difference between marble and onyx is the genesis condition which affected the resistance. Unlike marble, onyx stone is rare and very expensive.

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