Advantages of using stone in home interior design

استفاده از سنگ در نمای ساختمان|using stone in building facades
Benefits of using stone in building facades
18 April, 2020
استفاده از سنگ برای دکوراسیون داخلی|stone can be used for home interior design
What stones can be used for home interior design?
25 April, 2020
مزایای استفاده از سنگ در دیزاین داخلی|Advantages of using stone in home interior design

With an increased focus on ecology and sustainability, incorporating green practices and design into homes has become a necessity. Besides using new technologies to conserve energy, water, and other resources architects are creatively using natural materials like wood and stone to create new designs. Not only has design aesthetic been used and accepted by the construction industry at large, it is common now for home-owners to adopt this idea in Do-it-yourself style and create some interesting decor for their homes.

Types of natural stones suitable for interior design

Stone can be used extensively with for both Home exterior and interiors. Exteriors can be improved extensively by using stone in the floor, wall claddings and gardens. The proper choice of stone coupled with some interesting design ideas can enhance the look of the front facade or backyard. Interior flooring, wall accents, fire places and simple fittings like stoneware sinks in the bathrooms can add great design elements to the style. Suitable stones for home interior design are:

  1. Travertine stone
  2. Granite stone
  3. Onyx stone
  4. Marble
  5. Agate
  6. Crystal Stone (Porcelain Stone)

Advantages of Using Stone

While there are many natural materials that can be used to enhance your home. Here are few advantages:

A Natural and Earthy Appearance: The use of natural material creates a welcoming atmosphere in the home with earthy tones and the natural look of stone.

Persistence and Simple Maintenance: Stone is known to be durable and works well with exterior cladding. Using non-porous stones like Granite reduces maintenance as one needn’t worry about sealant maintenance and leakages.

Wide Spectrum of Options for Every Taste and Budget: Natural stone is available to suit all pockets and tastes. One can start with lower ranging stones that easily available in the region or consider higher end marbles that add a plush look but are also heavy on the savings.

Eco-friendliness: Stone offers a great eco-friendly solution to other chemical cladding and flooring options. One can also be certain that there will be no danger of chemical inhalation and surface allergies, especially with young children.

High Noise Insulation: Due to natural porosity, stones like marble, limestone, sandstone offer high noise insulation. This helps create the calm serenity one craves for in urban homes.

It’s On Trend: Natural stone is a material that never goes out of style. The huge range of colors, the uniqueness of each piece, and the multiple finishes it’s available in, like a polished or a honed finish, have allowed the material to hold the attention of builders, designers, and consumers, for years.

Tips for Installation

  • Installing stone is labor-intensive and extremely exacting. Hire a seasoned, dedicated professional to ensure proper installation.
  • A proper substrate, the surface on which the stone will be laid, is also critical. With concrete subfloors, installers may opt to apply the mortar directly onto the subfloor and then simply lay the tile. A wood subfloor requires cement backer for support and as a moisture barrier.
  • Talk to a stone dealer to find out whether the variety of stone you are considering.





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