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21 December, 2019
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28 December, 2019

Natanz Habiboallahi

Sizes: 32×32, 45×45, 60×60, 90×90

Habib Natanz stone is family of Granite stones, This stone is the most popular and the best selling building stones. Habib Natanz Granite stone has white and gray background that can be seen black and gray grains that are monotonous and small. This stone among the marketers is known as cotten flower granite. The features of this stone can be mentioned :good quality, low water absorption, high density, proper polishing, high resistance, monotonous, right price, bright and clear color and mass product. Habib Natanz granite stone is processed as plaque, tile, slab and stair. Habib Natanz granite stone is proper for internal and external views, building floor, stair, cabinet and counter of kitchen. Mine of this stone is located in Isfahan province, Natanz city.




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