سنگ چینی سایمون|saimon
15 May, 2020
سنگ مرمریت ویوی اوشین|wavy ocion marble
16 May, 2020

Kerman rose

Kerman rose stone with red dark which has different themes and gold and black streaks, is considered of marble stones. Since this stone has features such as: very high density, good resistance and very low water absorption, can be used as lobby floor stone, wall cornice, wc, internal wall covering and decorative sculptures in luxury buildings. Also this stone, because it’s hard to cut, has a very good Polish. Kerman rose stone in raw form is issued to Turkey, China and Italy. This stone shouldn’t be used in outdoor, exposed to sunlight, humidity and frost. Kerman rose marble stone in slab dimensions with 2 cm thickness is processed in form of polished.


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